Monday, May 19, 2008

I survived

I'm home from the hospital. Not yet hitting on all cylinders, but getting there. The surgery went well. He was so pleased that he added the implant during this surgery. It lasted about six hours, and I was in recovery for another two. I have never been sick after anesthesia, but I was this time, so I got another shot via the IV and was out most of the night.

They kept me in the hospital until Saturday afternoon. I was released on oral antibiotics and pain medication, but the pain has really been minimal. My knees hurt more than the incisions.

The worst part was when the IV infilitrated on Friday early morning. My hand was doubled in size and that left me with no other place for an IV. Fortunately all worked out well.

I took a couple of pain pills this morning because my left leg was so sore since I can only sleep on my left side or back. They are kicking me pretty hard right now - I think it is time to sleep!

I'll be back soon.

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Anonymous said...

One more step to "going back to normal"....glad you're feeling fine.