Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Home again, jiggity jig

After our prolonged absence, we are back. Boy has there been a lot of water that has passed under the bridge too!

We generated enough trash to fill a huge truck. Unfortunately, there were no trucks available. We loaded two burn barrels, but alas, a burn ban is in effect. I had visions of ignoring that ban until we went to town on the 31st. There was a grass fire in the northeastern part of the area that scorched about 2500 acres. Guess where our burnable trash is. Right in the barrels. We still managed to bring back three large trash bags and a cooler of smashed cans.

Son-in-law pulled his usual stunt. He tried to stick plastic things in the burn barrel. One was the baby's toys with accompanying battery. I'm glad we managed to find it instead of later lighting the barrel with it in it!

Hunting was sparse. Son and daughter in law each killed a spike. They were each about 3 years old, and we surely don't want them passing on their (lack of) horns. G did get a good buck finally. We use the meat, and there are so many of the little creatures. We didn't even make a dent in the population. We would have 15-20 deer around my house feeder each night. That's a lot for 200 acres. Those were just those who came during daylight. I have no idea how many came at night!

After S and K and the kids went home, we had the neighbors over for dinner - and Texas Hold'em, our family style. We had great fun. The poker games continued each night. Bed times were about 1 am. That's fine if you can sleep until 9, but our four legged baby (Simone) is up at day light. Yawn.

As for G's family, I still don't know what is going on with them. His brother and family did not come. They kept Mom at their house - and away from the care taker she liked. That group is feuding with the sister. I am just trying to fly under the radar.

"Mom" is back in her house for now. They have secured assisted living for her. We stopped by the house on the way home. She seems positive about it, but the new care taker said she was crying while packing when her other care taker (also new) was there. I wonder what they did to her while she was in the Capitol City? I'm thinking brain washing. Your choice Mom, our house or assisted living.

So that's how things are in our neck of the woods. How about yours?

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