Saturday, December 22, 2007


Growing up, I felt as though I had two sets of parents. A little over-kill there! One child, four parents. So holiday times meant sharing time with the "other parents." My other parents were my aunt and uncle who lived about a mile from us. It just became a natural thing.

When G and I married, here came a whole other family. And extended family. We really had to spread ourselves thin - especially at Christmas. We had my family, then we had his family. That meant that in addition to the regular things I was used to at Christmas, we had at least two more celebrations to work in. One was fairly easy - the whole family, three kids and two in-laws, would be at his parents house for our family Christmas, then off the A Litter Bigger Town for the extended family Christmas - which was mother-in-law's family. A trip of about 2 hours. Just long enough to mean overnight.

I am used to having to be stretched thin for holidays. I am a little upset that our nuclear family doesn't seem to be able to have a family Christmas any more. Since daughter in law has her mother living with her, they (crazy Cajuns) celebrate with their family BOTH Christmas eve and Christmas day.

It's not that we are excluded. Just the opposite. We become members of that family. It's really great fun.

I just would like for the grandchildren to have their extended family to get together for their presents. It's not happening - again this year. I thought we could have the usual family dinner on Sunday night. This one very light and easy, but Lady Bug, Monkey Boy and, to a certain extent, Doodle Bug could open all their presents with everyone together.

DIL stopped that one. She said they had church that evening (which I knew), then she had a house full of relatives (also which I knew). Well, yes. But they will be there for a week. Or more. I had just hoped for a couple of hours with them and the others.

Oh well, K and S will bring the kids here tomorrow and things will proceed pretty much as planned - but without the aunt and uncle. Perhaps when they add to the grandchildren things will change.

We will just wait and see. And perhaps hope too.

Hope you have your family close and enjoy your time with them. Things will be fun regardless of when and where here!


LeeAnn said...

In many ways I'm glad I don't live near family so that I don't have to deal with how's going where and when for the Holidays.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Grandma K said...

The juggling act is a little tiresome! There are definitely pros and cons. I've been doing it for so long, it is just a part of the Holidays.

Hope your Holidays are wonderful LeeAnn!