Monday, January 28, 2008


Some husbands are incredible thoughtful and insightful while some are as sensitive as cedar posts. Guess which category mine falls in? Yep, he's a post.

Last night we were having dinner with the kids at my daughter's house. We got to talking about taking the troop carrier (the huge F250) to the shop for it's maintenance. When we do that, the plan goes like this. We get up early for a day off (drat), he hops into the troop carrier and I get in my car to follow. We fight the morning traffic to get to the shop, and I go to the restaurant next door to wait until he gets things signed in. Then we have breakfast out.

That is a plan that has been in effect for years. Until today. We really needed to be home by 8:30 so we would be here when Doodle Bug got here. Well, that changed everything. HE would take the troop carrier by himself, eat breakfast, and wait for the service to be done.

Well, even as petty as it may seem, I am ticked! I LOVE having breakfast out. When I take Simone to the vet for a bath, she has to be there early. There is a What-a-burger in the next shopping center. I hit the drive through for their (really pretty lousy) breakfast. I feel that I have had a right taken from me. I don't get breakfast from that restaurant and he does.

It was funny. All the kids knew that he was flying in the face of all I deem right and holy. K kept telling me she would come later. He still didn't get the point. So, here I sit, at home, with breakfast that I made while he is sitting indulging in that wonderful breakfast there.

I guess I'll have to make his life miserable for the rest of the day!

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