Tuesday, December 04, 2007

News from the attic

Father in law is not doing well. He has been moved from home hospice to short term in house hospice. He is not sleeping which means that he gets up at night. When he gets up he falls because his feet are so swollen from the edema resulting (probably) from kidney failure.
G and K went to Alamo City Saturday to see him. He really didn’t know them. G suspects that some of the problem may have been that his eyes were dilated. I think they were dilated because of the drugs he has been given to encourage sleep. They don’t work on him. At all.
Doodle Bug went with them. She was an absolute angel! She slept the entire way there. She never uttered a peep. She might do that for me - if she accepted the bottle again. Since she did without for four days at Thanksgiving, she refuses the bottle. Things are rather noisy here at times. The kid has a good set of lungs on her!
Sunday we showed at our little surburb town’s holiday outing. It rained. We made a whopping $16! I also believe we were among the most successful vendors. Well that is with the exception of the people next to us. K spent over $30 with them buying Christmas decorations! But we had more customers.
When I was talking to d-i-l C, I found that their friend’s mother whose cancer has returned never went for her follow up checkups. She has been off Tamoxfen (I guess that was the one) for two
years. She has extensive return of her cancer. She still is refusing treatment. That is such a shame.

I made the mistake of not having my mammogram done for all those years. I'm not making a mistake like that again. I will make each and every one of my appointments!

Life is pretty much the same around here day in and day out. Doodle Bug is here about six hours, then I spend the rest of the evening recouperating! How dull, but at least it's life!

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