Thursday, December 06, 2007

Freedom - for a day

I am going to sound like such a wuss! I had to go to K's yesterday to watch Doodle Bug because she had a dentist appointment, and the second repair person was there to fix her floors (another BIG story!). I only had to be there an hour. Today I don't have her at all. I feel so free. It's wonderful.

So why don't I tell K to put her in day care? Mainly because I'm, as I said, a big wuss. I know I'm helping her out. But that's not the whole story. I really think Doodle Bug is just too young to go into day care. Four and a half months is just too young.

The other factor is that since Thanksgiving, she refuses a bottle. Sure, she gets hungry and SCREAMS, but she does then go to sleep. She naps. The other two didn't. They took the bottle, but they slept for fifteen minutes - if I was lucky.

Things will get better when she can sit by herself. Then I can sneak out to the grocery store or other places that have baskets with the seats in them. Right not I am pretty much house-bound with her. I just don't want to fight the car seat thingies that go from car to wherever. They tend to stick on the baskets. Plus, I don't have the strength I used to have. Seat + baby = too much weight.

So I guess I will just relish today (I think she will be back tomorrow) and keep her here in the house until we can be easily sprung from the house. By next July or August, she will be in day care. It will all work out.

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Anonymous said...

Babies are too much work! My first never would drink from a bottle and the second didn't mind at all.