Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanks for a good Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is over and past, and the good news is that we didn’t come to blows. Whenever seven people are put into an eighteen hundred square foot dwelling it creates a situation that could become hostile quickly, especially when three of those people are under the age of 7. Add inclement weather to the mix, and it’s a wonder we are all still speaking.

Wednesday was hot and dry, but with Thursday came the cold and the rain. We were basically house bound except for the couple of forays to the hunting stands. The kids were definitely housebound however. With the cold wind and rain they couldn’t even go out on the deck to play.

Under normal circumstances we really don’t let them outside. As I have said before, SSB stands for stings, sticks or bites. The cold kept down any chance of stings and bites, but this has been a year for a bumper crop of grass burrs!

We did make the pilgrimage into tiny town on Black Friday. We certainly didn’t make a huge addition to the town’s economy however. We returned the rental trailer, ate at the major restaurant, bought a book, filled the vehicle up with gas and . . .bought it a new car battery.

When we were going to leave the gas station, it wouldn’t start. I was really afraid it was the starter and not the battery because for some strange reason, son-in-law broke the law and reason by leaving the motor running while fueling. When he got in, he tried to start it again, then turned off the ignition. Then it wouldn’t start. I really thought we were in DEEP trouble!

G went into the center to see if someone could give us a jump while SIL went across the highway to a service station. The man there came over to give a jump. It started!! Yea! So we bought a new battery. I was really surprised it was as reasonable as it was. We could have been gouged - big time, but it was quite reasonable.

The rest of the long weekend was really uneventful. It was really cold and dreary, but it was also strangely relaxing!

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