Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Funny and not so

It has been freezing here in Swampland. The forecast for yesterday was sleet and freezing rain. Everyone was concerned, but nothing happened. Then yesterday evening, the rain began, and the temperature began to drop.

When Simone decided she had to go out at 3:45 this morning, I thought we were out of the woods again. There would be no ice today. When she got up again at our normal time, 6:30, I turned on the television. Schools were closed and freeway ramps and overpasses were closed. There was a 15 car accident on one of the freeways. Swamplanders do not know how to handle that slick stuff.

Of course, the television stations have taken this weather as their own. The ice storm, with the various names hung on it by the different stations, has taken over our news. The weather people were still licking their wounds from crying wolf for Tuesday. The ice never hit. They called for it from Sunday on. It never came.

They, I’m sure, felt vindicated today. They preempted the national morning shows to cover the situation here. They are still coming on during each and every commercial break to give updates on the temperature and the thawing!

I’ve got to have a little sympathy for them, after all, we didn’t get a hurricane this year. We didn’t even get really heavy rains. It has been a very slow weather season for those poor souls.

In a more serious note, I had the biopsy done yesterday. The surgeons office called today for G and me to come in. We are going in tomorrow for the results. Both the doctor and the nurse tell me that regardless of the news, we have to come in, but since they are wanting G to also come in, I think the news will not be good. I think there is a malignancy, and we will be discussing a treatment plan. Needless to say, there is a great deal of apprehension on my part now even though I feel I am expecting the worst.

When these things come up, my fight or flight tends to run to flight. I would like to just run away from the whole situation. Anyone have some sand I can put my head into?

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