Friday, January 26, 2007

D day or should I say P day

Today was the PET/CAT scan day. The hospital called my on Wednesday telling me that they had to move my appointment to today because they were calibrating the camera yesterday.
Then the technician began telling me about the procedure. She said I could not really bring a paperback novel because that would cause too much muscle action in my hands and the radioactivity would pool there. That is itself was bad news. I don’t go anywhere without a book. She said I could read magazines, but I can’t think of a magazine on the face of this earth that could hold my attention for an hour.

Then she said some people bring a portable DVD player. Ummmm, I didn’t have one, but I thought that would be a SPLENDID idea. I’ve got DVDs around here that I haven’t seen. So out I went yesterday to capture a portable DVD player. Then, of course, I had to have ear plugs as well as a carrying case.

I rationalized all of this to G by saying that I would probably be in need of something like this as I continue with chemotherapy and the like. Bless his heart, he just nodded and went on knowing that there was nothing that would change my mind. Thirty eight years of marriage does that to a man.

When I got there and finally over to the PET scan unit, I was placed in a lead lined room. Talk about feeling like a pariah! When the technician brought the solution that contained the radioactive elixir, it came in a lead box and the syringe was encased in lead. I was a little nervous about that!

To wrap this up, generally the experience was not a bad one. The worst part is being strapped to the table, not being able to move for about 2 hours. That is my definition of torture in itself, but when the arthritis kicked in, well let’s just say when she said :about 19 more minutes Mrs Grandma," I really wanted to cry.

But it’s over - for now. I know there will be more in my future. At least I hope there will be more. I just hope this one doesn’t show widespread tumors. Hopefully the next ones will not be "full body" because there is not need. We’ll shall see.

I’m off to the oncologist Monday afternoon. Oh, and I am still radioactive, but I don't glow in the dark, darn it!

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