Tuesday, November 21, 2006


In the part of Swampland where I live, commercialization has happened faster than the streets can accommodate. There are 18 wheelers abounding that try to turn onto little two lane previous country roads. The two just don’t mix.

This morning I was taking Simone for her grooming. I was second car on one of these little streets when an 18 wheeler was going to attempt to turn onto that road. I knew he couldn’t make the turn, but he turned never the less. The woman in the little toy car in front of me just sat there perfectly still. It was total gridlock. She wasn’t moving, and he couldn’t complete the turn. In addition, our light had turned green.

The car in front and I were both trying to make a left turn. I finally was going to go around her, but I was afraid she would dart out also. The truck driver finally got agitated enough that he honked at her and I also honked in unison with him. The dunderhead finally got the message and moved to the right so that he could clear the intersection.

I really wonder what was going through her head. It was obvious that he could not make any more forward progress without taking off the entire front of her vehicle. I guess she was intending to just sit there through the entire day. I wonder how she got a driver’s license.

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