Thursday, February 02, 2006

First pet

Sunday night before dinner, Lady Bug got her first pet from her Aunt C and Uncle B. She got a Beta. She was so excited she could barely eat her dinner without worrying about the fish.

When I was talking to K the other evening, Lady Bug interrupted with the news that it was 6:30 and time to feed her fish. I can only hope the two resident cats in that house don't decide to make the fish their dinner.

I wonder what she named him. I'll have to find out!

I really don't remember what my first pet was. I am sure it was a cat. Since my dad was a waling letter carrier, he professed his complete dislike for dogs. The funny thing about that is he usually had at least one dog on his route that would accompany him for many streets. He was a natural "dog person."

Over the years I have had many pets, and I cannot see myself without one. I guess my love for animals spurred my interest in biology. Of course my high school biology teacher really helped my along that path. In the 38 years we have been married we have had 12 pets - six of those were at one time. We only have one now, that being the rescued boxer, Simone. I don't count the two cats that we are fostering for B.

I hope Lady Bug had a long and happy life of enjoying pets. They can being so much to human lives.

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