Sunday, January 01, 2017

Sincere thank you to all

Yesterday, I was still reeling from the happenings of the last couple of days.  I had to divest myself of the thoughts and pain.  My post probably was hard to follow, and perhaps even not making any sense.  My pain is still with me.  It will be with me for a long time I am afraid.

To give a little background that might make those ramblings a little clearer I will give some history here.  My SIL is G's sister.  G is the oldest, his brother is a middle child, and the sister was the baby.  She was 65 when she passed.

It's time to give some information about her.  Her name was Tommie Jean, with TJ as her nickname.  She was, of course, the light of her parents' eyes.  That is both good and bad.  To be honest, being the only girl AND the baby - she was spoiled.

TJ, in her early years - like college years - had a drug problem.  Her parents found her once in her apartment pretty close to having overdosed on hydrocodone.  This was something that followed her for a number of years.  I believe she pretty much got away from the heavy drugs, but she still did marijuana.  In fact - the sheriff found her "stash" while investigating her death.  The marijuana wasn't in plain sight, but her pipes were.

If TJ wanted a new car - she got a new car.  Whatever she wanted, she got.  Of course, the brothers got an "equal" amount of cash out of the deal.  Parents tried to be fair.

TJ married when she was mid-twenties.  What a blow out her reception was!  No expense was spared.  But the marriage didn't last.  Her husband wanted children even though he knew she did not.  He found a child and arranged a private adoption.  This child is the one who was celebrating TJ's death and his inheritance of her property.  He will be referred to for now as DH.

DH has always had problems.  He is dyslexic, ADHD, and from what I just found out he also has anger issues - severe ones.  I don't believe his drug habits came from the parents, he was simply one of those kids who didn't fit in, so the most accepting group is the other kids who don't fit in either.  And those kids have problems.  He has been in trouble with the law numerous times.  It was just the group he ran with.

After the marriage dissolved, her mother was so worried she would never have a house of her own.  I still don't fully understand that dilemma, but that was the overriding thought when their will was drawn up, and the properties divided.  TJ was to get the land with the house that is part of the properties here around our SSB property.  She was also to get the house the parents were living in.  With her getting the house here, that put her right in the middle of all the land.  Brother got the "mountain" which is the property G wanted.  Brother wanted the house so badly.  We got the "new" addition to the property that had absolutely NO improvements.

When TJ lost her job as a Special Ed teacher because she forged a legal Special Ed document, she needed to have a place to live.  So she packed up everything and moved to the house up here.  From that time on - it has been a huge mess.  At one time she had the furniture that was there plus all the furniture from her apartment.  Things got worse from there.  Her mental illness overtook everything.  The last thing she needed was to live up here, miles from civilization, alone.  She spiraled down and down.

Last year she had a crisis.  She was sure that her house had been invaded by ticks that were brought in with firewood.  She said they were crawling on and under her skin.  She has a meltdown in a PCP's office, and in fact, the law was called.  Brother got her into a mental facility where she got intensive therapy.  It was going well until DH checked her out.  The road had been rocky since.  But DH still didn't come up to check on her.  He sent a friend who was just as bad as he is turning out.

We still don't know exactly when she died.  We found her on the 30th.  We know she went to Austin on the 25th, and we are pretty sure she went into Tiny Town (again - no real names) on the 27th.  There was a half of a gallon of milk in the backseat of her truck, and the sheriff did find a receipt from the grocery store dated the 27th.

Now to DH.  We have never been close to him.  Brother and other SIL had them living with them for a while, so they know them better.  DH's father got fed up with DH about 8 years ago and kicked him out of the house.  DH came out here to live with TJ.  It was a very rocky time.  He fount the underbelly of the small town and got into drugs and other bad things.  The sheriff knew him well.  He would roam around the countryside. A relative (and we are mostly all relatives) at the end of the road
found him peeking in the old house that had been her mother-in-law's.  She told him if she ever caught him on her property again, she would shoot him.

One day when we were here, DH and a "friend" just walked over to "say hello."  I do not believe nor will I ever believe that was their intention.  Recently he and his girlfriend of 5 or so years broke up.  Apparently, he had physically attacked her to the extent EMS was called.  She has a restraining order out against him.  Nice person (who is probably about 24 now).

Would I have ever believed this would be something that happened in my family?  Absolutely not.  We are what I thought to be a normal upper-middle class family.  We have strong religious backgrounds, and pretty much well educated.  This is something that I always presumed to be completely out of character.

TJ's problem was always mental illness.  Her mother, while never formally diagnosed nor treated was mentally ill, and grandmother was treated with Electro-shock therapy.  It is in the family.  But a kid going bad, and remaining bad is something else.  He cannot hold a job.  As the former girlfriend said, he has a violent temper, a total liar, and nothing is ever his fault.

So now he has suddenly a  net worth in excess of $500,000 or perhaps even more.  Just the land is worth about $400,000, and I believe she still had some of the money she inherited.  He doesn't know a thing about how to handle this.  We are thinking he will sell the property.  And from there  It will probably all go into drugs.  I told G that I fully expect that we, in our 70's, will outlive DH. Again, thank you for your comments. This is a rough time, and it isn't over. I was so surprised to hear from DH"s dad that there will be a memorial service - next Sunday. So now I had to get ready for that. Facing those people isn't going to be an easy task. But we will get through it.


Debby said...


Dysfunction hits every family to some degree or another.

Luna Crone said...

I agree with Debby, above.

So sorry for your pain, which will continue. Family issues don't just melt away. -sigh-

Gentle hugs,
Luna Crone

Judy said...

What an awful mess!!! May DH will sell the property to some really great people and you will have nice neighbors up there. I wonder if he will even show up at the memorial. TJ should have left the property to her brother's half and half. What an awful mess!!!


well, this pagan ...hope's he od's before the you and george

Luna Crone said...


How are you doing, by now, please?

Gentle hugs,
Luna Crone