Friday, January 06, 2017

How are we?

I have been asked how we are at this point.  The realities have settled in.  The acceptance has begun.  I still think of TJ often.  I am remembering all the good things about her.  She was one of the kindest people I have ever known.  Even when she was in the depth of her last psychotic episode, she was still sweet and kind.  Her behaviors were obviously bizarre, but her gentleness was still there.

I think of her son.  That still is disturbing to me.  I haven't shared his actions with BIL, but I honestly believe he will show everyone his true colors soon.

G has been so strong - until he posted her passing on his FB page.  When he thought I wasn't aware, I saw he did finally break down.  At the beginning, he did say he would/could never forget finding her body.  Nor will I but obviously it was far more for him.

Her memorial service is Sunday.  We are back in Houston and will head out tomorrow morning.  Of course, the weather, as January weather is in Texas is horrid.  Many of you will think of is as babies, but we are not accustomed to highs in the 30's and low in the 20's. We will probably have ice on the roads, and my son and his family will probably still leave tonight.  That worries me.  I just read from a neighbor that it was 18 this morning and will not get above freezing today.  But he is a careful person.  He will be OK.

I am still worried about the service itself.  I hope Druggie's dad has been schooling him on the proper behavior of a child whose mother has passed.  I worry about him and the hunters meeting.  I just don't know what will happen, I just pray for peace.

We are awaiting the results of the autopsy.  Don't know what it will reveal.

thank you.  GK



my heart breaks for you both..

Judy said...

It is always best to remember the good memories.
What's done is done and it's over and there is no need for DH or anyone to act like an ass at a funeral!!! We are there to honor that person's life and not bring up any of our own prejudices!!!

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Thank you for the update.

Please try to be as well, as is humanly possible. Which is a hard call, with all of this.

Many gentle hugs,
Luna Crone