Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Memorial Service

As we were getting to the church, a gold Toyota small pickup came flying through the intersection of our county road and the farm road.  I remarked that was DH.  Daughter said the same.

We got to the church, and his dad was on his cell.  He looked agitated.  And come to find out (later). he was - most definitely.

We had arrived 45 minutes before the service.  Some were up in the Fellowship Hall. It was COLD - 12 degrees when we woke up.  We all had enough coffee so we went into the church.  My SIL and BIL were there and we made small talk.  As time went on, friends and relatives began to filter in.  I was amazed that family that had made the 6 hour trip from Pearland.  But they did.  We talked to them quite a lot.

The service began.  DH was not there.  When it came time for remembrances from friends and family, DH's dad stood.  He said his son wasn't there because he had gone back to the ranch to get some scarves for the women in attendance.  Then he gave his talk which was really touching.  He said even though they divorced, they really had a good marriage, and they had been talking a lot over the last four months.  I am sure it was about all the legal trouble DH was in, but never the less - they were on good terms.

At the reception, DH did show with his blood red eyes and barely able to stand.  He stayed for a while - pretty much avoiding everyone.  Floozie was in the same condition.  After about 30 minutes they were gone again.

I talked to the dad.  He was actually good.  He is fed up with DH.  Someone asked what was going to happen to the property, and he said he honestly didn't know.  He would try to help DH as much as possible.

Frankly, I am still so down on that kid (of 25 - 26 next week) that I really would like to see him fall flat on his ass.  I am hoping I will soon be rid of this feeling.  I hope I can forgive him.  I just know it is going to take me a LONG time.


Judy said...

With drugs and alcohol involved, it's GOING to take him falling flat on his ass, at the lowest he can get, before he realizes he needs to change. Either that or getting himself killed while driving like an idiot. I feel sorry for his Dad.

Luna Crone said...

The mess continues....

Many gentle hugs,
Luna Crone