Sunday, July 17, 2016

Becoming an old grump

We are midway in the stay at the SSB.  In this heat, G, in his glorious wisdom, had decreed that we will stay only as long as absolutely necessary.  That term is five days!  He must have heard me remark that he can read a book at home as easily as he can here!  And the pool is at home.

We sold the old farm truck.  We bought Rusty a number of years ago to use around here for odd jobs.  He came by his name for a good reason.  He was very rusty when we bought him, and certainly not gotten any better.  We haven't used him in several years.  In this hilly terrain, you don't want to use a vehicle that has poor to no brakes!  And we bought a Kawasaki Mule to do the chores Rusty was to do.  The Mule can go where a 1967 Ford F-100 just couldn't.

Brian is the one who sold Rusty.  The buyer is with the band he sings with, not his band.

The guy finally got headed in the right direction (GPS sent him to Austin not Mason, but at least it was the right direction),  and arrived with the family.  I really wasn't expecting a 10-month-old and about a 3-year-old!  And this is where my title of this post originated.

I must have been a very controlling mother with my kids, and even the first three grandchildren.  When we went someplace, I didn't let them just roam about.  These days, that seems to be what parents do.

I first noticed this when we went to visit one of G's aunts that lives up here.  Brian and family were here, and we all went over.  As soon as we were in the door, William and Delaney headed for another room - uninvited.  G and I  haven't been in that room in ages! But off they went!  I was mortified.  They weren't stopped by their parents.  When they came back with some items (I don't remember what they were now), I wanted to drop through the floor.  And nothing was said to them.  They were allowed to continue to play with them. Of course, William will do that everywhere.  He will open drawers, cabinet doors, etc.

As I said I wasn't expecting children yesterday.  The first thing the three-year-old did was to pick up a book from the bookshelf.  She did have to put that back, but then it was on to the dog toys.  Now, she had toys of her own, but it was the dog toys.  Then both she and the baby took to the vertical blinds.  I thought they were going to be broken for sure!  Nothing was said to them.  Then it was off to the fireplace tools.  She took the broom out and started to play with that.

I just sat with a fixed smile on my face and tried to not scream.  I guess I just don't understand parenting today.  My kids would never have been allowed to act this way.


Judy said...

I don't get todays parenting either. "We don't want to hinder their curiosity and artistic nature." So snoop in people's houses and color on their walls at home. We wouldn't want to repress them. DAMN!


oooh not my kids...

Sally said...

I get it, Karen. Makes you cringe sometimes. :(