Wednesday, July 20, 2016

And the saga goes on

Monday, we killed two snakes in the grass.  There was one other, but we would have gone to prison for killing that one.  That one was the neighbor who used to be so helpful.  Have you ever heard the term he was so sweet that "sugar wouldn't melt in his mouth?"  Well - that was/is this guy.  Until he decides he is going to screw you.  Sorry but that's the best descriptor I can think of at this point.  Yes, he is at it again.

When he knew no one, he was so helpful and kind.  He was the interloper in a county of family members.  The first one he drew down on was his neighbor to the south.  Reggie was fairly young at the time, and he had gotten a huge chunk of land from his dad.  He didn't really know much about cattle and didn't handle that situation well.  We had his cattle when we first put up the house, and I swore I would NEVER let him lease again.  His cattle ate all the grass, and they were starving.  When you have a herd of cattle staring at you in the house and their mouths are full of prickly pear thorns, it breaks your heart.  So Gene went after him.

His latest is that he is trying to deny easement to everyone through his property.  Our big problem is that when my FIL bought our property from Reggie's dad, they didn't draw up a formal easement.  It was just understood.  Then came in big city trouble.  Our attorney says we have no problem because we have been using the road for way too many years for Gene to revoke our right.  He is even going after Reggie however who does have a 30-foot easement.

At our cattle guard, the road is only about 20 feet.  Gene has put stakes at the side of what he is giving.  He is really trying to force us into putting in a new road by limiting our turning space.

This all came to a head this weekend when the guy came to pick up Rusty.  He couldn't swing his trailer into the cattle guard.  So the stakes were taken down, and he did go on to Gene's property.  This is where the hogs rooted it up last year.

Gene called us Monday about it.  He was upset (mild term), and said "he drove into my pasture.  That ground has grass burrs and cactus.  Nothing. Else.  Then he said he would "let it go THIS TIME,

At one time, this snake in the grass, when he knew no one else, would have even helped.  Now he is just a jackass.

His legal fight with Reggie is still in the hands of the attorneys.   This is a year that the attorneys were going to "talk about it."  This is going to cost them $$$$.  Gene should just give it up.  Reggie was just elected County Commissioner.  If it goes to trial, a local boy, relative to most, and recently elected County Commissioner is going to prevail I really believe.  But in the meantime, he is driving us mad.

And Gene wonders why the folks up there don't sell to outsiders.  Sure wish they had followed suit with this one.




Judy said...

Why can't people be reasonable?

Sally said...

That's plain out and out mean & selfish. No wonder he's called a jackass. :(