Monday, February 08, 2016

I live with a 72 year old toddler

You can't tell a toddler anything.  When they get "in a mood" you can't reason with them.  The best thing is to send them to their rooms, but I cannot do this with a 72-year-old.

When he was working, I am absolutely sure he caused the IT people great grief.  I am sure he shut the entire system down more than once.  And he was and is oblivious.  He thinks he is a computer wiz.  Sure that he knows all there is to know.


I got so tired of listening to him complain about his old computer.  It was running on XP, so there was a lot of problems there trying to interface to new systems.  In fact, when we changed back to Comcast, the technician even said there would be problems.

So for Christmas, I bought him a discontinued Dell.  Its OS is Windows 8, for which I personally have a strong dislike.   I had it taken off my new (now old) laptop and 7 put back on.  But I have valiantly tried to set up his new computer.

The first issue was pop-ups.  Got that corrected, then something else he didn't like came up.  So I changed all the security settings.  I am not sure he is protected.  But I also know he doesn't like any anti-virus or malware on a computer (hence - all the failures they had at work).

I am sure his computer is eaten up with viruses and malware.

Today he tried to simply print a document.  It has come to my attention that the problem has been going on for weeks!  Will he listen to me?  NO!!!

Then it is temper-tantrum time.  Guess what is going on right now.  You probably guessed it.  Now it is up to me to repair his mess.

He doesn't have access to my computer.  At  all.  Any time.


Sally said...

Whoa girl, it seems you have a problem. And, I mean that in the nicest way. I'm fortunate now that I have AT&T with a payment of $15.00/month for fixing anything that happens. I've used them several times and is the best money I spend. Don't know if that would help you guys though.

Take a deep breath.



holy shit...makes me grateful I'm single..hahahha

Judy said...

I have always heard, when a toddler is having a tantrum, you simply get up and leave that room and let them scream and kick and tantrum by themselves. :-)

Fun Girls Jewelry - Gayle Mayhew said...

Grandma K= get a mac. It solves a lot of these issues, and you can get a perfectly good used one online for 400.
I, too, am the tech department in my house, and I hate it.