Thursday, February 11, 2016

How short is life!

I was reminded of this yesterday.  An old young friend (sounds strange - but she and I have been friends for a long time but she was only about 62) passed away yesterday.

I knew she was in the hospital.  I knew she wasn't doing well.  But she has had health problems akin to this before - and she pulled through.

We haven't seen each other in several years, I believe the last was 2002.  She and husband divorced, and we haven't really seen either since.  But we talked about getting together, and she always going to come to see my grands in their sports or even come to out family dinners.  Never happened.  We just assumed there was time,

There is no time.  She developed sepsis.  She couldn't fight it.

In better news, G has decided that I am the computer guru around here.  Not really, but I seem to do better than he.  He actually asked me to put the virus/firewall I have used for years on his computer.  He had called Microsoft and was told he had a major malware infection.  So I loaded the malware MY computer guru put on mine on his to clean it up.  Then I took the free (from Comcast) virus off and put the one I use on.  So far...


Jeanette said...

I'm sorry about your friend. An old friend of mine passed away about 6 months ago. I had lost touch with her and only connected with her daughter on FB a few years ago. She was 2 months younger than me and died of lung cancer. We both started smoking as teenagers and I guess she never quit. Too bad.

Judy said...

62 is way too young. Some people are just born with problems that surface when they get into their 50's, and then, it's down hill from there. Thankfully, my best friend and I never lost touch, but it would have been easier( on me) if I had lived farther away when she was fighting cancer--and then got the phone call. It may have touched me less?

YAY for you fixing the computer. I have a special virus/malware thingy that my computer repair people put on for me when I got my new computer. There are certain sites it won't let me into--which I think is wonderful!!

Sally said...

I'm sorry, very sorry.