Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Happy times!

I went to the Retinal Specialist today for my eye injection for Macular Degeneration.  The new drug is working better than any of the others.  There is no leakage, and I am put on a five-week recall rather than four.  I am thrilled.  I have waited years for this kind of news.  I told G that I felt like a kid who had been studying for a really difficult exam and got an "A."

This is especially good news because I was afraid with the new rulings from Medicare that regulate my Advantage plan I would be paying over $400 rather than over $100 for these injections.  I would certainly move some things around because my eyesight is more important than almost anything else in my budget.  I won't really know until the bill from today is submitted to the thieves that run the insurance company, but I am hopeful.  I met my deductible (no kidding!!! probably and the some), so this time, it was back to the $100 range.  I will just keep my fingers crossed.


Katie had her last swim meet on Saturday, and I went.  If I had not, I would not have seen her swim at all.  Water polo begins now with her first game later this month.

Her expectations for the results were low.  Our school does not have many swimmers who can afford club sports.  So that means that they are not year around swimmers that swim every day - excluding school practice.

I watched her 200-meter butterfly.  In a field of 24, she placed 11th.  That isn't bad since she has only been swimming the fly for five months this time.  But it was the 200-meter freestyle relay the girls were placing their  hopes on.  If they placed 6th or above, that meant they would be going to regionals.  If they made regionals, they would get their letter jackets.  That is the only reason she wanted to make Varsity as a freshman - and really even the only reason she would be on the swim team.  Her love is Water Polo.  Well, they did it!  They are going to regionals this weekend, where they will get their little butts kicked.  But congrats, girls!
Katie is on the left.  Some, if not all of these girls with the exception of Katie are seniors!


Judy said...

I have always said, she is just so cute and fresh looking.
Good for her and the rest of the bunch. Now she can get on to her favorite water sport!! Glad you are feeling better.
I had an Advantage Insurance plan last year and it ended up costing me so much out of pocket. Back on my Blue Cross Medicare supplement and happy for it!

Sally said...

Wonderful, wonderful news on your eyes. I'm really very happy for you, and I agree you made an A!

Katie is so adorable; I'm glad you were able to make the swim meet. She's so awesome. :)


Oh, and I use United Healthcare which so far (after all these years) I've never had to pay one penny. I have a feeling, though, they wouldn't cover much for the eyes.