Friday, June 24, 2011

Another short post

We have been so busy that trying to get to the computer and the phone's hot spot. Wednesday we saw all modes of transportation in Seattle. There was a lot of walking there, and I am really out of shape. Yesterday we rode a steam engine out to the base of Mt Rainer (still haven't seen that!). Today is a day of seminars. Too boring for me - I like to ride. So I am catching up on email and getting things straightened out here. I can't find anything.

Marti -please understand what has happened -that I am going to talk about - is not usual. Don't let this make you not want to ride the wonderful method of travel on the train. On a train, people are smiling - not so much on a plane!

We have been scurrying about pretty wildly searching for another way home. The mid-west floods have caused the Empire Builder we were going to take to Chicago has been cancelled. We could get home by rail if we made several transfers. With four suitcases - two heavy - isn't going to work for us, so we will drive home.

We won't really be late getting home. When you take the train you have to realize it is a grander, slower way. With the train, it's the journey, not the destination so much. You experience so much on a train. You see sights that you could not see by car.

So I finally got this phone to pony up and give me internet! It saved us on our return trip planning, but I don't know how long it will take. I will post things about our experiences when I can until I get back, and then I figure I will have many posts.



Cheyenne said...

I've never been on a long train ride but I can imagine it is the nicest way to travel because you get to see so much more of the country.

Marti said...

It won't scare me off. I've seen a couple of rail trips on PBS and it looks like a lot of fun. I'm sorry the end of your trip has to be changed though. I heard about the AmTrac/semi wreck, but I hadn't heard about the flooding you mentioned.