Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What I did this weekend

I don’t know what to do with myself! A whole day to do whatever I wanted. No treatments! What a luxury.

The weekend went way too fast. My sister-in-law really can’t understand why going to the SSB (if I knew how to link, I would send you to the post that explains why our little place is called Stings, Sticks or Bites - but alas I am too illerate) would be a welcome break as well as a way to celebrate ending treatment. It was great. I could just become a complete vegetable - which I did! I wasn’t ready for the weekend to end.

I have had another break-down of skin, and I fear there is another on the way. Even though I am using the soft sports bras, there is enough pressure there that it does cause problems. I know the answer would be not to wear the bra, but I just can’t do that in public! Thank goodness for the new prescription of Silvadine!

My energy is returning. It is really something different! I have been so tired for so long. I was tired before I was diagnosed, and the treatments, while not making me ill, did sap my strength. G was telling his parents that I will be doing something and suddenly say "I’m tired, I’m going to lie down." It is true! That is the way I was. Things are getting better. Perhaps I will be able to shovel out the house now. That would be good.

I am anxious to have my next appointment with my oncologist. I want to know that enzyme level that measures tumor activity. I like to know that number! Right now, it is great. I just want it to stay that way.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your zapping treatments are finished. I've been done since February and still have dark colored skin, along with that orange peel look. I have been told that I might have this look for quite awhile, that's ok since my posing days for Playboy are over with! My energy levels are still down but that due to that little drug that I am taking. It's not the same as your's but I think we have similar side effects. Keep your spirits high and have a nice week.

Anonymous said...

I am happy for and with you .. The best feeling in the world is just feeling great..I had a problem with pressure and chafing and gave up my sports bra for under shirts that look like tank tops..They are comfortable and still apart of my wardrobe..The discoloration takes time as with most burns keep it moist..My best to you and keep on smiling the worst is over..