Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I love Dr Poison now!

The visit to the oncologist yesterday was indoubtably the best one I have had. I felt we were really on the same page - finally.

When he saw the burn on my neck, he immediately suggested that he prescribe Silvadine cream and Lidocane jell. I jumped on that. This time, he even gave me some sleeping pills. It was no longer the suggestion to try Tylenol PM.

Since I had a dental cleaning, I decided to get the prescriptions filled immediately and pick them up on the way to the dentist since the pharmacy is next door to the dentist. I slathered the Lidocane on my neck so I could stand the drape on me. It was good.

When I got home I tried the Silvadine Cream. I wasn't expecting much. Peggy (my new "friend at radiation) said it didn't help her when she was having this radiation. She extolled the virtues of the Lidocane. I couldn't believe how soothing the Silvadine was immediately. I think things will be getting better!

I was amused when Dr Poison asked about joint pain from the Femara. I answered "who can tell. Since I already have arthritis, am taking steroids, and now Femara!!" But we will see. I seem to be tolerating it fairly well. My hot flashed have increased (which he said can be controlled), but I am not miserable with it all.

My Ca-27 was 19. He said that was right where we want it to be. That was good news. So far there are apparently no new tumors to worry about. Perhaps all this will be worth it.

My next adventure, after healing from the radiation burns, will be to pursue reconstruction. One more path to explore.

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