Monday, November 23, 2015

Technology - snicker

We are here at the SSB for Thanksgiving - as usual.  I think I have mentioned that we are at the end of the earth.  Well - we are in a place that GPS doesn't want to recognize our location!

When I have a service person out - they usually end up calling to tell us they are lost. 

I decided that I wanted to upgrade our satellite TV service.  Our receiver is 13 years old, and it does have features I love, but I want to be able to record shows too.  And I wanted a second receiver.  Since there is a wireless one now, perfect.  I don't have to drill more holes in the house (and make new entrance places for vermin and dust).

The poor guy ended up in town.  That's 35 miles away. 

I gave directions.  He called again.  Gave more directions (felt like I was teaching again - you know, give directions for the activity, then give them again, and again ...).  To cut to the chase, he passed our place after getting out here.  He ended up down the private road at the hunting ranch owned by a distant cousin.

He did finally make it, but geesh!  I always hold my breath when I have a service person come out.  Even our heating/cooling people - if it is a new guy he can't find us. 

We have had to actually go out to  meet people and lead them to us.  And that is funny in a way because there are four houses around here.  It's not like we are really at the end of the earth, or are we?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


What a great weekend!  We dined on meals from around the world.  Friday night was Indian food.  We have the BEST small, family owned place in the neighborhood.  They are so patient spending lots of time with their customers making sure the food is to their liking.  Yum.

Saturday night we hadn't planned anything until the last minute.  My daughter will squeeze a penny until it screams.  She found a replacement 52" TV for the one that broke previously last week.  We have Beg, Barter, Buy, Sell computer sites around here.  The TV that quit working was purchased from one.  Anyway - she found another on BBBS - for $100.  Good deal I guess, but we will see how long it lasts.

To get to the point, she couldn't get the back row seats in the Tahoe to fold down, so she called me.  At least my little Highlander will happily fold its seats down!  So she suggested to pay me back for that we get Taco Cabana.

I ate such rich foods last weekend that I am still recuperating.  I discovered my old digestive system is very finicky.

Spending the time with all of them was such fun.  Saturday was packed.  They first tried to see if some kittens could be adopted from another of our friends.  It. Was. A. Disaster!  When asked if I thought it would someday work out for all the animals, my answer was simple.  No.

Then we had lunch, and headed to let Katie get her third ear piercing.  Whatever!

There is/was a little used book store that was closing.  I got two grocery bags and one large paper bag of books for $30.  I bought for the girls, but I have enough reading material to last me (probably) several years.  Couple the books with the Kindle, and I really believe I am set for life.

Surely loved the weekend!  It was all good.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hi, I'm Grandma K, and I am a procrastinator.

There certainly should be, if there isn't, a Procrastinator Anonymous group, and I should  attend meetings daily.  There is certainly a joke hidden there!

I really haven't been putting things off.  I really have been busy.  There is so much that isn't getting done.  I think (rationalize) I am still trying to get over the trip to New England that bloomed with the follow up to the trip to Mason.  There was a mountain of laundry to do and many small details to catch up on.

The real truth here is that I don't know where the time has flown.  Days seem like they are just hours long, and it seels that someone is fooling with the calendar steeling days from it.

I still haven't gotten the book from the San Francisco book ready to be printed, and the photos from New England still need editing.  I bought a new Photoshop (because the discs from the previous program have suddenly disappeared), and it is so time consuming. 

All excuses - I know.  This blog has become the very last thing on the "to do list."   I am finding myself falling into the trap of so many other bloggers - the evil, time eating Facebook.  That application is as addicting as crack - I think.  Never having tried crack, I can only imagine.

There is some news  around these parts.  News that doesn't thrill me and threatened to disrupt family cohesiveness.  I am accepting it, but I still don't like it.  There will be more on this later.  It isn't something to be shared at this point because things may change.  Now that's pretty vague, isn't it?

This weekend I am here alone.  I have so many want-to-do items on my list that I will never get to them all.  Frankly, I am enjoying the peace and quiet with no pressures, etc.  I would say that, but almost as soon as  G got to the ranch, he called me with the news that the TV didn't work.  To cut to the chase he didn't turn on the power strip. But, of course, I was called to fix it from 250 miles away.  I am so glad SIL got there right after he had made an idiot of himself calling Customer Support!

This should become a "girls weekend" like we used to do.  That means all the things I was dreaming about accomplishing will disappear, but I am just so thankful my girls (daughter and two grands) want to include me in their adventures this weekend.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Busy, busy

We have been gone - again.  This time we became "leaf peepers."  We took trains to the Northeast.  We left here, went to New Orleans (for the night for our connection).  Then it was Wilmington, Delaware, Burlington, Vermont, Quebec, back to Springfield, Massachusetts then home.

This was a `12 day trip.  I really have to say that while our color is much later, our trees are really just as pretty in the fall.  I was prepared for temperatures in the 30's, but our last day - in Springfield - the low that morning was 19!!!  On the trip from Burlington to Springfield we saw LOTS of snow in Vermont.  They were even clearing roads.

Both animals are freaky from their stay - their "camp" experience.  Shadow was wild while there, and he hasn't left my side unless I have left the house.  Clyde is his usual exhausted dog, but he is like this even when we go to the ranch.  Any change in the routine just wears him out.  He finally ate this afternoon. 

I have a mountain of laundry to do.  I got better with my packing this time.  The only extra things I brought home were one blouse and night clothes and underwear.  I won't go into reasons for those (other than the blouse) being extra.  If you are over 60, you may understand.  Think I will be talking to my doctor about a little bladder lift soon.

But all is well.  G did have us scheduled to leave for the ranch tomorrow.  Gasp.  At least he put it off until Monday.  I keep hoping there will still be flooding in the Hill Country (not to wish anyone any problems, but ...).  But he also said that if we don't go on Monday, then we won't be home before Halloween.  I don't like leaving this house on Halloween.  Nothing has ever happened, but I don't want it to.

So that it where I am.  I haven't downloaded pictures yet.  I did buy a new edition of Photoshop.  I don't have any photo editing on my computers any more.  Don't know where it went, but I have one now.

I will check in later!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Short dishwasher update

Cross your fingers!  The guy came out on Monday, just as I requested on email.  He replaced both controllers and both heating elements.  As he was doing a final run of the machine, he decided the top drawer was making a noise.  My heart sank.  More time with no dishwasher.  I was in luck - he had the plastic (gasp) parts that are with that drawer (it will take more time to explain what they do than I want to spend here).

Anyway - it works - at least each drawer individually.  It's quiet.  He does clean so nicely.  BUT I haven't had a chance to run both drawers at the same time.

I don't think we will really love this machine.  It is small really.  My dinner plates are too big to fit the way they are supposed to, but apparently this is a problem for all people.  The tech showed me what to do - turn the plates around.  I did - and it works,

Guess I will contact Discover and allow payment to go through in a couple of days.

Monday, September 28, 2015

This and that and pictures

Here I sit waiting for the repairman of the lemon dishwasher.  I am really hoping he DOESN'T have the controller is able to fix it.  I don't like it.  It won't hold all the dishes I want it to hold, and from reading various reviews, it will break again.  And we will begin all this over again.  I want this thing gone.

But to more fun things.  This past week was our high school's homecoming.  Katie was kept busy with all the different "days" they had as spirit days. 

Saturday was the dance, but the water polo team had two games.  The coach managed to get them at 12 and 12:40 so they could get back home to primp.  Those were some tired girls however.  The whole team didn't show, so they only had one sub.  Basically they were all in the water an hour and a half or more playing really strenuous games.

This is their "float" for the homecoming parade.  Katie is second from left.  Her first homecoming parade.
The girls (and Som Choi) getting ready to leave.  Don't know what the hands represent, but the girl sitting graduated last year, and did their hair this year.  (Strange homecoming - only present students attend)

Just for good measure, this is my 11 year old grandson.  Yes, he IS a big boy - probably the biggest on the field.  He is playing the sport HE like - not the baseball his dad pushes,.  

The other four grands, while each being cute as can be didn't have something special going on.  The youngest girl has a birthday/birthday party next week.  Sooooooo.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

And the beat goes on

Remember the new dishwasher.  That supposed top line, whiz bang thing.  Well it STILL has washed 4 plates, a pot and assorted glass and silverware.  That's it.  Only now it won't drain the water that resides in both drawers.

The technician came out on the 11th (perhaps that's what was bad).  Stayed for over two hours.  Took the control devices from the drawers saying it hoped they would be over nighted. They. Were. Not.

So on the 15th I sent a complaint to what they laughingly refer to as Customer Service.  The response from them was to send them the serial number and a copy of the sales invoice.  Of course, we weren't home and I didn't have access to a scanner and especially those requested items.

I sent those back to them three days ago.  Nothing.

Two days ago, I filed a dispute with Discover (it pays to use Discover on items like this).  So I have a temporary credit for this bill.  IF the piece of junk worked, I would pay for it.  Since when I called the dealer he dismissed me with the referral to the company, perhaps this will get his attention.  I don't feel I owe him anything more.  He was aware I had used the thing one day.  This action may take about 30 days for it to come to completion.

Today I used their on-line request for service.  Wanna take bets on what will happen????