Monday, April 06, 2015

Horrible disease

I just learned from Facebook one of my friends - not really close, a fellow member of the little failing church.

She and her fiance joined about three years ago.  They came pretty regularly.  A darling early middle aged couple I believe.  I am not sure with ages.  Then at the beginning of the year three years ago, they got married.  It was a beautiful service, but it was after they had married at a Justice of the Peace.

The wedding was for family and very close friends, but they posted pictures for all of the rest of us to see.  There were two weddings because, you see, she had been diagnosed with ALS.

It all began with her right leg being very week and not working the way it should have.  Their future wasn't as sure as it had been.  So there was the first wedding. They were making sure they would be married.

Her goal for the wedding was to not use her cane.  She did it!  She walked down the aisle in her beautiful gown - without the cane.

In the ensuing year, they traveled as much as they could.  Alaska was one of the trips they took.  They were so much in love.  They radiated love.

As time has gone on, she was not able to attend church.  The last time I saw her, she was in a wheelchair - a motorized wheelchair to enable her any mobility.  But they were still so obviously in love.  It radiated from them,  

Her strength kept diminishing.  She was totally homebound in the chair, and no ability to move much of anything.

Yesterday morning, she died in her sleep.  This terrible disease has taken another beautiful, loving, productive person.  This is the second I have known pretty well.  One a distant relative and now this one.  I know there are several diseases that appear to have no cure.  We have lost ones we love to pancreatic cancer.  These diseases seem to not have a cure.  They progress rapidly and always end the same.

So Jamie - you are finally released from a body that no longer does what it was supposed to do.  You leave so many behind who loved you.

Busy Easter

Usually, we don't go to church on Easter Sunday.  We did when we were going to the other church because there would be perhaps 75 people there, but in our "new/old" church folks come out of the woodwork.  I used to laugh that I was glad to be organist - at least I had a seat.  It's true that the C(Christmas) and E (Easter) members show up for these services.

It was crowded, but there were plenty of seats for all.  That was good.

There were lots of activities going on.  The high school youth had their traditional pancake breakfast for a fund raiser.  They will be heading to Detroit later for a national youth gathering later.  There was an interactive ativity for the littles in the school part.  Lots going on.

Never heard from son.  Not a call.  Not a text - nothing.  Rather disappointing.

Getting things together for the SSB.  That means to PT for over a week, but the therapist is really happy with the way things are going.  But I am ready for it to be over.  I am tired of giving up an hour and a half in the middle of the day.

Hope your Holy days were great.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Here we go again

Literally.  Thursday we will be going to the SSB.  It seems we just got back.  Geesh.  Of course, the end of the month is the trip to San Francisco - that I am really beginning to worry about.

PT is doing me such good.  I am feeling better than I have felt in a long time.  The back still will scream some while walking, but it is so much better.  But everyone who has been to SF tells me that it seems like everything is uphill - both ways!!  I know there is a lot of walking involved in this trip.  The place G booked for us to stay is (as he puts it) ONLY (that's me) five blocks from the transit station.  FIVE BLOCKS???  Right now, I don't even walk the ONE block around our house.

Not looking forward to the SSB.  I am still sniffling.  It seems something new is blooming, and I am sneezing and nose running.  This is an important trip I guess.  Our hunter, Andy, will be there and PERHAPS we can get the riding lawn mower fixed to that G doesn't have to use the push mower mowing the acre about the house.  If nothing else, Andy has a rider there too and said he will show G how to use it.

So I guess I better "suck it up" and try to enjoy going.  From all reports the wildflowers are jaw dropping beautiful - especially the bluebonnets.  Have to look at the bright side.

Have a great Easter if that's your thing.  Or just enjoy what I hope is a beautiful weekend.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

A quick funny little post

Before I head out for today's appointment.  This week has been full once again.

Monday when I was paying after Physical Therapy, I was going to put my cross-body purse on.  It is heavy because I guess I don't have the philosophy for the cross bodies - I carry all my junk in it.

As I was pulling it over my head, I got snagged on my wig, and horror of horrors - that wig came off.  I don't know how many therapistspatients saw but fortunately the office women didn't see a thing.

I was horrified!  At least for a couple of minutes until I got it back on.

That was definitely a first.  I shouldn't be to vain about the wigs.  I try to be sure that I always wear the same one to the same outings so there isn't a marked change!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

For those who came back - milder day

While I am still bothered by things, I vented and let it go.  There is nothing I can do about it except look at what I do and work on me.

Doctor appointments/PT keep filling my day.  When I got back from the SSB I had a message from the cardio office.  They had made the appointment for the carotid doppler for me on Wednesday.   Surprise - I have two other appointments!  I got that one cancelled, but rescheduling is going to be difficult I know.  But I will give it a go.

I have found that I can walk better.  Yesterday for PT I had to park in the parking garage.  That entailed a lot of walking.  And I could do it without breaking into a sweat because of the pain.  In fact, I didn't have pain.  So the PT is definitely working on my back, but not my shoulders. Each time we work on them, I am in pain the next day.

I am a little upset with DIL - not enough to make an issue, but at the same time a bit put out.  They will be gone at Easter - again.  She has been good about rotating major holidays - except Easter.  Last year the excuse was that her grandmother had just passed, and they were going to the beach to be with her mom and get her mind off the death.  They are going again this year.

A few years my SIL suggested we rent a house at the beach next to or close to a house they would rent.  That way the families would have some extended time to be together and the second cousins play and get to know one another better.  DIL said she didn't like the beach.  Her actions have shown she apparently doesn't like the beach with OUR family.  She goes with her mom and also with her dad (they are divorced).  Oh well.  I just miss seeing my son.

Allergy season is alive and very well here in the Houston area.  Everything is blooming, and I am miserable.  G kept trying to tell me I had a cold (and gave it to him).  I stopped using the Flonase that I got from the pulmonary doc because it makes the glaucoma worse.  That has lasted one day.  I am miserable.  But I see the ophthalmologist on Wednesday.  That will be a primary question for her.  If not Flonase - what would she suggest.  Bet it won't be anything!!!

So today is eyeball puncture day.  Got a late appointment, and I am really worried about parking.  But G is dropping me off then going to a plant nursery for parts for the riding mower at the SSB (??? - doesn't seem to go together).  So I don't have to park.  He will afterwards!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Gets my goat.

Hypocrites.  They really get to me.  Just today on a neighborhood board I came across one.  Someone posted the question of wanting to know if there were any charities that accepted small sizes of toiletries.  This particular woman has seemed like someone who is kind-hearted and charitable.  I suggested a group in the Houston area that distributes items to the homeless.   Her response was that homeless people are homeless because they choose to be.

I responded to her that I prayed that she would never fall on hard times that made her join the ranks of the homeless.  Then I don't believe she would continue with that attitude.  Then several more commented with statements that were far more harsh.  

So she did a pm telling me that I knew nothing about her, etc.  Well, no.  I am sorry she didn't like being called out with her attitude.  And I responded just that.

Then it got me thinking.  People who claim they follow Christ are among the worst.  Her response to the question was much like so many of these "Christians."  My son included.  He doesn't recognize that bad things can happen to good people.  There are so many folks just barely making it out there, and it doesn't take much for them to become homeless.  But I could see him making the same type of statement.

It's strange how people look down on those on public assistance - that is until they find themselves there.  Then it's ok - for them but not those others.  I am special.  I deserve help.  I cannot help myself.  It just doesn't take much to find oneself in need.

G worked in the county "charity hospital."  He saw people who had bad times and ended up on welfare.  They, for the most part, didn't like it, and tried to get off as soon as possible.  Often that meant they had to work two or even more jobs.  Wasn't easy for them.

Then there are those who think they deserve what amounts to cheating - after all we are talking about large companies here.  They make plenty of money.  So what I get from them after putting in just a little of absolutely ok.  I deserve it.  This goes from accepting too much change to cheating the company out of money.  They have plenty.  Well - at the end of it all, someone does pay.  And that's the rest of us that play by the rules.

Politicians that want to cut medicare, food stamps, other medical benefits and on and on - hypocrites.  They sit there with their huge salaries, great retirement plans, Cadillac health plans.  But that isn't for the diminishing middle class, and certainly not for those who need a better salary.  Nope.  Not at all.

I realize just how fortunate I am.  While my retirement isn't great, I can live on it.  Sure - I would love an increase since I basically have the same monies that I had in 2000.  We got one small increase ($100/year) a couple of years ago, but I do have an annuity with the state.  Don't get much Social Security that I paid into (being an organist) because of it, but then that applies to a lot of government workers too.  I have a fair health insurance plan.  I have a roof over my head that is paid for.

Sorry for the rant, and if I stepped on toes, I am a little sorry.  We are supposed to treat others with the same respect that we want for ourselves.  The old WWJD bracelets always tickled me.  Those same folks would deny help to their neighbors. That isn't WJWD  (what Jesus would do).

This is just another rant here.  It hurts me to see others hurting.  I know some of those on the street corners are scams.  I realize that.  They are among those trying to get something for nothing.  There's a lot of that.  But so many of those are mentally ill people.  There are shelters for them, but honestly - when you look at those shelters, I am not sure I would want to be in one either.  Guess that's why I am so glad our Life Group at church made bags of "snack" foods that don't require refrigeration, water and socks to give to the homeless makes me happy.  

So if you leave me because of these feelings, I really will miss you.  I just had to vent my feelings though.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gotta' brag - again

that's my girl.  gotta brag (again) on her!


March 28, 2015
Cook Middle School eighth-grade student Katie Gill plays for the Southwest Zone team in the USA Water Polo Olympic Development Program tournament, from which she was elevated to the next phase. Gill was selected to the Olympic Development Program Women’s Development National Team selection camp.
March 28, 2015—Cook Middle School eighth-grade student Katie Gill has been selected for the USA Water Polo Olympic Development Program Women’s Development National Team selection camp, to be held May 22-25 in Diamond Bar, Calif.
Gill was the only CFISD student in her age group selected to compete, and one of three from the Southwest Zone. Out of 12 teams of female athletes born in 2001 or later, Gill was one of the top 70 athletes invited to go back to California in late May to try out to make the Development National Team.
Out of the 70, approximately 20 will be selected for the next step.  If invited back, Gill will be invited to attend two additional training camps in June and August, respectively.
Gill has played water polo for two years, and plans to play at Jersey Village High School next year for Coach Stuart Webb. 
“I am very happy for Katie making the National Team Selection Camp,” said Allie Gill, Southwest Zone girls’ head coach. “Katie was a leader for our very young team at the ODP National Championships and had a great attitude the entire season. She is very coachable and was an asset for the Southwest Zone Development Team. She is a hard worker and has a bright future in the sport.”  
Cook Middle School eighth-grade student Katie Gill has been selected for the USA Water Polo Olympic Development Program Women’s Development National Team selection camp.
Katie Gill defends for the Viper Pigeons club team at the 2014 USA Water Polo Junior Olympics.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

I AM still around!

I am still coughing, sneezing and blowing the nose a lot, but I am still around.  We went to the SSB last Thursday (the previous Thursday - after my last post).  I was really in pretty bad shape.  I must have been running a fever because I was freezing the entire week.  I am still sure it was/it allergies because all the plants and trees are putting out copious amounts of pollen.  I hate to have an attack like this because it takes so long to go away.  Once I begin coughing, I cough for weeks after.  I think I need to make an appointment with the pulmonologist because this time my chest feels like an elephant is sitting on it.  I am wondering if I have developed asthma.  I really sound like a hypochondriac!

My prayers that G wouldn't get sick and blame me weren't answered.  He sees no relationship between him having to use the push mower at the SSB and his attack.  He is sure it is a cold and I gave it to him.  I don't see how since I had mine for over a week before he came down with the cough and so on.  After talking to SIL, I am wondering if perhaps we have a bug.  She said there was one going around in Austin that she caught.  It took her three weeks to get over it!  The thing that makes me wonder is that we both are having headaches.  I didn't think anything about mine because I get such strange things anyway until I talked to her.  So perhaps my self-diagnosis was incorrect

There are many topics that have been floating around in my head as food for a blog post.  One in particular is something that has been really bothering me, but I am thinking it would become controversial.  I really don't like to post things that are really controversial.  That isn't my real intent here.  So that means I have completed this bit of trivia for today!!  Have a great weekend.  I don't know what the rest of the weekend brings for me.  With G hacking over there - he won't want to go anywhere, and with the bad temper it puts him in, I don't want him to go anywhere!!  He is a terrible bear.  Typical man getting sick.