Wednesday, May 13, 2015

San Francisco/Bay Area travelog part 2

Beginning to climb just out of Denver  You can see the front of the train going up hill.

Being a South Texas girl, I am still fascinated by snow!!

Higher and higher into the Rockies

The beautiful canyons of the Colorado River
Donner Pass

From above Berkeley

Our chariot around SF - especially to the Golden Gate and Saucelito area

Didn't go in -   but the Palace of Fine Arts built on the site of a World's Fair.  These columns were part of one of the exhibits I believe and were re-purposed here. 

As if you don't know!!!
and again!  Katie told me she bicycled this when they were there, and it was a little scary!

And so brings part two to an end.  Somehow a really neat picture got deleted from this group and I will put it in with the next ones.  Either Blogger,  my computer or my album didn't want to add anymore for today.  So there will be a part three.

Monday, May 11, 2015

San Francisco travelog - part 1

We left Houston and flew to Denver.  Seems like a strange way to California, right?  Well it is, but the TRAIN we wanted to take - the California Zephyr - goes from Chicago to Emeryville - which is just south of Berkeley.  We were going to stay in Berkeley.

The flight was ok, but, as usual TSA was a bit of a pain.  The airlines clearly states that any medical equipment, prescribed by a physician, does not count against your carry on.  The first TSA agent told me I couldn't have my purse, small carry on bag AND my CPAP.  I tried to tell her what it was, but she was getting upset with me.  G, who like me doesn't want to admit he is hearing deficient, was talking in my other ear. So I gave up on my point and just "handed" him the CPAP.  There are things I always carry on:  meds, a change of underwear, toiletries, and perhaps a computer.That was all in a small carry on. 

Anyway I made it through the body scanner with it going off because of my titanium knees and  also the beads (????) on my blouse. But no pat down. Never had one in Houston! Ate l unch at the airport - good salad! Waited on the plane.

Now flying with old seasoned traveler, I ask if he wanted to play the handicapped card to pre-board.  I have a placard.  We  used it when Katie, Krissi, and I went to Riverside, California for water polo.  He said that since we were first class, he didn't see the need.  (since we fly less than once a year - we splurge!)  Well - the people began lining up in boarding group one.  There must have been 50 people.  Guess who was at the very END of the line!    t's pre- boarding for me from now on!

Got to Denver and slept poorly.  Time change (ahead an hour) and no clocks in the room had the correct time.  Our train was an early one the next morning.  But all was well.  Made the train in plenty of time - $22 poorer for the cab.

So I am going to jump two days ahead here to show you what was awaiting us in Berkeley:
The living room of the Berkeley bungalow we rented for the week.
Also the living rook



Dining arrea

Sitting area in dining

View from dining/den

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 1

View from bedroom one

also view from bedroom one

Hollywood style bath - toilet tucked away at left.  Pocket doors were a pain however

utility room off bath

second bedroon

second bedroom

second bedroom - the  house was set up in a circle - the living room is to the left

garden around the front porch

the landing for the second floor where one of the owners lives and the garden again!

roses as big as salad plates

climbing miniature roses acoss the front gate and fence

We really stayed in a spa like setting.  It was great.  When we went to SF we took BART.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  See you later with part 2!  So be forewarned.`

Sunday, May 10, 2015


That's my internet connection.  For the last four days, it has only worked properly if the moon and stars were perfectly aligned, I held my mouth just right, and mostly in the afternoons - sometimes.

I know there are those who could ascertain the problem in a couple of seconds and fix it, but not me.  I have been refraining from calling ATT because I know the first step, and the one I considered myself, was to unplug the danged thing.

I have spent the time that I couldn't be on the internet trying to reload the million of so embroidery designs to this computer.  I worked on some on the train (even when I was on the one without wi-fi.  All I needed was the external hard drive and I was using my baby laptop (it is about 5 includes wide).  The external hard drive was seeming to be really wonky so I wanted to get them onto this one where I have paid for a Cloud account.  So after a couple of days, my valued designs are safe living in the cloud.

I still haven't downloaded the pictures.  I really have to do that while this feeble brain recalls what things are!  I also want to have them made into a book again.  I think this time, rather than Snapfish, I will use Costco.  Snapfish did a beautiful job, but I want to see what Costco can do.

I did the book on Alaska.  By the time I was finished I probably spent $100 and it took me hours.  It is a big, bulky scrapbook.  The one of the trip to Seattle and Glacier was from Snapfish and it is really nice (and neat!!).

My children have finally decided what we are doing tonight for Mother's Day.  There is some animosity growing there between daughter and DIL.  I know one reason it that Katie didn't get her birthday present from DIL until G's birthday April 23.  Her birthday is January 16.  And DIL has never liked SIL.  Of course SIL doesn't like DIL either.  FAMILIES!!  Just glad I get to see my son tonight.

Happy Mother's Day to you all.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Home again, home again and all that jazz

And back to Physical Therapy, mammograms, eye appointments and other various doctor appointments!

We had a great time, and I do have pictures to share - when I have time to download them to cull.  The sights on the train were absolutely fantastic.  The Rockies and Sierras were breath taking.

We spent two days in San Francisco utilizing a "hop on, hob off" tour bus.  Saw the Golden Gate on both days, Saucelito twice and the beautiful Muir Woods.  We found a park above Berkeley (where we stayed in a fantastic bungalow) that had breath taking views.  Drove Highway 1 (the coastal highway), and went to a National Park - the Pinnacles that was so inspiring.

Of course there were downsides to it all.  Looking for elevators in the BART stations.   I have just enough vertigo that I am afraid of escalators - so it was stairs much of the time.  I know I really irritated those commuters who were in a big hurry.
The last leg of the train trip back to Denver wasn't great (still pretty good though).  I AM an advocate for good treatment of the handicapped.  I am pretty close to being one.  But an intellectual handicapped woman got on the train in Salt Lake City - which was in the middle of the night.  She  probably has a minimal physical handicap - clearly no worse than mine.  I will talk about her later.

This is it for today.  Had the mammogram this morning, and this afternoon is my eye injection.  So if the computers and modem decide to be nice and cooperate unlike yesterday afternoon, I will be back at some point tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I am alive.  Getting ready for the trip to Francisco tomorrow.  ATT internet service stinks.  Thought the satellite was bad - NO.  Haven't been able to use most of the internet (this include) for   a week.  Don't have time for repair either!

Try communicate while gone if possible.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Horrible disease

I just learned from Facebook one of my friends - not really close, a fellow member of the little failing church.

She and her fiance joined about three years ago.  They came pretty regularly.  A darling early middle aged couple I believe.  I am not sure with ages.  Then at the beginning of the year three years ago, they got married.  It was a beautiful service, but it was after they had married at a Justice of the Peace.

The wedding was for family and very close friends, but they posted pictures for all of the rest of us to see.  There were two weddings because, you see, she had been diagnosed with ALS.

It all began with her right leg being very week and not working the way it should have.  Their future wasn't as sure as it had been.  So there was the first wedding. They were making sure they would be married.

Her goal for the wedding was to not use her cane.  She did it!  She walked down the aisle in her beautiful gown - without the cane.

In the ensuing year, they traveled as much as they could.  Alaska was one of the trips they took.  They were so much in love.  They radiated love.

As time has gone on, she was not able to attend church.  The last time I saw her, she was in a wheelchair - a motorized wheelchair to enable her any mobility.  But they were still so obviously in love.  It radiated from them,  

Her strength kept diminishing.  She was totally homebound in the chair, and no ability to move much of anything.

Yesterday morning, she died in her sleep.  This terrible disease has taken another beautiful, loving, productive person.  This is the second I have known pretty well.  One a distant relative and now this one.  I know there are several diseases that appear to have no cure.  We have lost ones we love to pancreatic cancer.  These diseases seem to not have a cure.  They progress rapidly and always end the same.

So Jamie - you are finally released from a body that no longer does what it was supposed to do.  You leave so many behind who loved you.

Busy Easter

Usually, we don't go to church on Easter Sunday.  We did when we were going to the other church because there would be perhaps 75 people there, but in our "new/old" church folks come out of the woodwork.  I used to laugh that I was glad to be organist - at least I had a seat.  It's true that the C(Christmas) and E (Easter) members show up for these services.

It was crowded, but there were plenty of seats for all.  That was good.

There were lots of activities going on.  The high school youth had their traditional pancake breakfast for a fund raiser.  They will be heading to Detroit later for a national youth gathering later.  There was an interactive ativity for the littles in the school part.  Lots going on.

Never heard from son.  Not a call.  Not a text - nothing.  Rather disappointing.

Getting things together for the SSB.  That means to PT for over a week, but the therapist is really happy with the way things are going.  But I am ready for it to be over.  I am tired of giving up an hour and a half in the middle of the day.

Hope your Holy days were great.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Here we go again

Literally.  Thursday we will be going to the SSB.  It seems we just got back.  Geesh.  Of course, the end of the month is the trip to San Francisco - that I am really beginning to worry about.

PT is doing me such good.  I am feeling better than I have felt in a long time.  The back still will scream some while walking, but it is so much better.  But everyone who has been to SF tells me that it seems like everything is uphill - both ways!!  I know there is a lot of walking involved in this trip.  The place G booked for us to stay is (as he puts it) ONLY (that's me) five blocks from the transit station.  FIVE BLOCKS???  Right now, I don't even walk the ONE block around our house.

Not looking forward to the SSB.  I am still sniffling.  It seems something new is blooming, and I am sneezing and nose running.  This is an important trip I guess.  Our hunter, Andy, will be there and PERHAPS we can get the riding lawn mower fixed to that G doesn't have to use the push mower mowing the acre about the house.  If nothing else, Andy has a rider there too and said he will show G how to use it.

So I guess I better "suck it up" and try to enjoy going.  From all reports the wildflowers are jaw dropping beautiful - especially the bluebonnets.  Have to look at the bright side.

Have a great Easter if that's your thing.  Or just enjoy what I hope is a beautiful weekend.