Monday, December 05, 2016


I really thought it was too good to be true.  When I called last week and got an appointment for today, I really thought that was just too good to be true.  And apparently, is was!

When I got there and signed in, I was told she has someone in the 10:10 spot.  As she checked - I wasn't on ANY date.  This really hit me hard.  Today is a bad one for most of us here.  It is rainy (with street flooding - not usual) and cold.  I was thinking I trekked all that way in this miserable weather...

She then said she would try to work me in, handing me the book into which I was to write my autobiography.  These booklets we produce often leave me  wondering.  As I was diligently entering all of the vital information, she said they could only check out one shoulder - not both.  One IS better than nothing.  My right shoulder was hurting so much last night, I thought I wold have to sleep in my blouse, bra, and camisole.  I couldn't lift my arm above the breast line much less over my head.

I got called back, and to my surprise, none of the nurses proceeded to ask me any of
the million questions I had just given in my booklet!  Things moved along quite handily.  I was whisked back to -ray where things went along quite well until the seated x-ray.  I simply was too stiff to handily get my head out of the picture!

When the doctor came in, he rotated both shoulders.  The left having no x-rays to look at seems to be basically "frozen."  I got exercises for that.  The right has a combination of arthritis (geesh t is hard to get old!) and a small tear in the rotator cuff.  I had already made up my mind there would be no surgery on the arm, but he said I wasn't a candidate anyway.

I left the office with a pamphlet and an injection of cortisone in my right shoulder.  After the holidays, I think I will see if we can't get the poor old left one treated also.

This is the week of visiting doctors.  Tomorrow is the eye injection.  Nothing makes your week like having a needle stuck in your eye!  Thursday is a "physical" with this new primary.  I think I like him, but I am so accustomed to my other doctors, I am a little worried.  They are all aware of how crazily my body works.  This cortisone injection will have to be noted when the blood work is analyzed.  It will raise my blood sugar.  My blood sugar is JUST out of normal range, but it as stayed the same for over 10 years.  With the spike that will show - I don't know what this new one is going to try to do.  I don't want any new meds.

Since my oncologist FINALLY called in the orders for the new mammogram since the regular one showed a small calcification, I probably can work that in this week also.  So more poking, prodding, and smashing are in my future.  And there is my week!  Four out of five days will be in a physician's office!

Friday, December 02, 2016

And so on

Today was a nice day.  Pedicures, then haircuts.  Love it  Afterward we went to the grocery store.  That used to be a real trial.  Walking through the store was so hard on my back.  They have the wonderful new service.  You go on-line, order what you want, set the time you want to pick it up, then arrive at the store.  You call the number telling them the space you are in, how you are paying, and they BRING YOU YOUR GROCERIES!!!!  I am so in love with that service!  AND it keeps me from impulse buying.  My grocery bill is going down, down, down.  You get three "free" trips like this, and then it is $4.99.  That is such a good price for what I am getting for the bucks!

I know I am aging into pretty much an old grump about a lot of things, but people on social media are worse than I.  There is an on-line social site called Next Door.  It is pretty much nationwide so you may have heard of it.  They are neighborhood specific and meant to be a place where local happenings are posted.  In the last two days, I have seen such hatred there.  Actually the same goes for Facebook.  This is a really sad time.  I am making a bigger effort to be more positive now.  I don't want to be the old woman who is always mean.

I am awaiting the avalanche of packages as I have ordered all gifts on-line ... again!  Am  I becoming a recluse? Sure seems like it.

Next week are doctor's appointments again.  I got into an ortho doc that I had been to with my knees.  He referred me to his partner for surgery.  The ortho surgeon is the one who had a heart attack and died shortly after my last knee.  I think both shoulders have impingement issues and cause a lot of pain, but after reading more about impingements I don't think there is anything that can be done about it.

I need exercise, but with the deteriorating back problems I can't walk far, and with the impingements, I can't really swim.  Swimming is one of the things that causes the problem in the first place.  I discovered this summer that swimming really hurts.  This is a bummer!!!

And with the Debbie Downer stuff at the end - I wish you a great weekend!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

We made it

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.  Hope you ate until you popped, and then just vegetated the afternoon away!

We are here at the SSB, and the throng of relatives have all gone home.  At one point, we had 12 humans, two dogs, and one cat within out 1700 (about) square foot house.  For the most part,  the weather cooperated, and (remember - my family hunts because we like venison) there was always  one or two out hunting.

The only hiccup was that my daughter and family were trying to leave on Thanksgiving Day as soon as possible.  They had a wedding on Friday.  That is a strange day for a wedding, but then the bride is a strange one anyway.  I was surprised there was such a push to go to this event.  The bride has caused all sorts of problems.  She is a nutcase who really caused my eldest granddaughter problems.
I will never again, however, have dinner ready at noon on Thanksgiving again.  It was totally rushed.  I had a ham that was supposed to cook in the slow cooker for 6 hours.  With a normal dinner time, no problem.  At noon - I had to put it in the night before, and it was completely over cooked and basically ruined.  Never.  Again.
I was a little worried about the time we were together.  There is a BIG political divide in the family, but nothing was said at all.  Each newscast did worry me, however!
And so now we are cleaning up the remains of a total of eight days with people here.  That is a considerable mess.  Our septic is rather small, so I am worried about that.  After uncounted numbers of dishwasher runnings, showers, and general use, I am trying to spread out the uses of the washing machine.  Today it is the mountain of towels.
So now we are on to the Christmas season.

Monday, November 07, 2016

As close as it gets

I strive and will continue to strive to keep politics COMPLETELY out if this venue.  This one is as close as it will come because it applies to both of the sides.

I worry about what is going to happen after tomorrow.  This crazy campaign has caused so much hatred in this nation.  Lies are taken as the absolute truths.

Even our family, as tightly knit as I once thought, has been split by this campaign.  There are hurts that I don't believe will ever heal.  The chasm is so deep.

We are the laughing stock of the world.  I heard today that other nations are looking at this fiasco and laughing.  And why shouldn't they?

I am afraid things will never be the same again.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

This and that

Nothing really spectacular has been happening in these parts recently.  I just had nothing to say/post!  But that changed on Friday.

Before that - ending DLST.  I don't care which way we mess with the time, I am tired afterward.  I should be highly refreshed and good to go, but I am dragging.  I am so close to completion of Steven King's marathon novel  Needful Things, but I cannot keep my eyes open to finish it.  It is working like a sleeping pill.  But I will bet you that if I tried to read it TO go to sleep, it wouldn't work that way.  Melatonin or whatever - when insomnia hits, it hits hard.

Now Friday!  My pantry has been updated.  I had my contractor get his cabinet guy to make the pull out drawers to go on the shelves.  I haven't been able to get to the back of the lowest and next to lowest shelves in way over 10 years.

Getting ready for the installation of the shelves, I pulled everything out.  Some of it was just flat disgusting.  The only way I could have reached it before was getting on the floor.  Nice if I were still 60.  There is no way for me to get up from a tile floor these days.  I would have to kneel, and my beloved (deceased) orthopedist told me the only way I could get on my knees was with a well-padded surface, and he didn't like that either.  He said that padding the patella between outside sources and the titanium knee is never very successful.  The patella tends to crack.

So this weekend I have been putting the rescued items back into the pantry.  I knew all along I would be minus a couple of inches because of the glides for the drawers.  That was a pretty good swap for me.  What I didn't realize was that even though glass bottles and all could go right up to the outside, I would still run out of room for what had been in the pantry.  And this is even after discarding a lot of stuff that was outdated.  (the old out of sight - out of mind thing, only it was out of reach - pretty much out of mind)

My biggest offender in the pantry is duplicate herbs and spices.  Who in their right mind needs three bottles of cloves?  Well - I guess I needed some cloves three times, and couldn't find them.  Who needs three bottles of molasses?  Again, I guess I did three times.  Those things just pushed themselves into the deep dark recesses of that pantry.

I am still going to have a problem with the herbs and spices.  They all nestle down into that drawer with its four-inch sides (thus covering the labels completely) unless I do something.  So I have come up with my next (as if I needed a next) project.  I am going to make labels to go on the lids of these items.  At least I might have a fighting chance.

So - next week, I will be busy making labels!  I will let you know how that comes out!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Glad I am retired

The best thing about being retired is that every day is a holiday or Sunday.  That's good because Sundays are my busiest day it seems!

Yesterday began with church.  That is the norm again after a time when we didn't go regularly.

After church, G suggested we stop for lunch, which I wasn't really wanting to do.  I wanted to pick something up and head for home because I had to get Family Dinner started.  And, of course, church was late getting out.  I was on a tight schedule.  The crockpot time for the pork was 6 hours, and I was barely going to make it!

We got home, and I immediately got the two (!!) pork loins and the seasoning into the crockpot all the while relieved that they both fit into one pot.  I do two because two of the grandchildren are teens.  Katie, the swimmer/water polo player, eats everything that isn't nailed down.  She works it off in the pool.  Reagan is a typical teen boy, but he could cut down a little on the groceries because he is not active.  I will never say that to anyone else - I could skip some groceries myself!

I had gotten a big amount of fresh green beans at the grocery store, and I put them in the second crockpot (so glad I kept it).  The reason for the crockpot cookery is that we were going to a local symphony!

I got the salad together, the rolls out of the freezer and everything set out in case we were late coming back -and the kids could just get the things together for the final dinner.

We went to the symphony.  It was delicious!  That may be a strange description, but it has been SO long since I have been to a live symphony program.  The program featured a well-known violinist.  He was so great.  His performance gave me chills and moved me to tears ar some points.  It was such a wonderful experience.

We left at intermission so we would make it home on time, and wouldn't you know it - all the kids were LATE!  Oh, well.

The teens hit the food the minute they walked in.  Then slowly everyone else made their plates.  I was the last to eat, and there was about 1/4 cup of beans left!  I can't believe they were consumed like that.  I would have thought they would have fed 20 rather than 10 (really 7 because I had not eaten, William (8) and Delaney (6) also had not eaten).  There was plenty of pork and salad, but the beans were gone!

Unfortunately, I had to use my teacher's voice.  I try to not use that anymore, but when you use it for 29 years, it is still in the background.  The youngest two boys (8 and 5) were getting way to boisterous (apt term!).  I asked them to stop throwing a shoe at each other once - in a normal tone.  When they kept it up, nearly knocking over the lamp and did a glass, that's when teacher Karen came out.  I know William (the 8) doesn't really like me because I am not the sweet NieNie (his other grand) who will let him pretty much get away with anything.  Well - I am not that person.  When he reaches the limit - which doesn't seem to be within him because the other maternal grands (divorce there) also let him run wild.  I am the veteran of three others that I kept as babies.  They know there are rules of behavior, and I have warmed the butts of at least two of them.

I really hate to be the one who disciplines.  Will I do it again?  In. A. Heartbeat,  It is like with my own kids - I am not your friend, you have plenty of those.  Even as a grandparent, I feel that I am also somewhat responsible for teaching them.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Hello - not from Hawaii

We are not in Hawaii as was the plan.  And a plan I was worried about from its inception.  I had a bad feeling about this trip.

We got to the airport on Tuesday, went through security without an incident - which for me is amazing - then all hell broke loose.

We were to fly out of gate 45.  That gate was at the end of the airport.  I almost made the entire trek without stopping, but I finally had to sit!  We were, of course, two hours early.  The joys of flying.

We were sitting there reading (and starving since it was 1pm and lunch was to be on the plane), when the announcement was made that we would be boarding out of Gate 18,

One must remember we were at the Houston Intercontinental Airport.  It.  Is.  Huge.  So off we went. We got about half way (probably a mile - no kidding!) when my back decided I had abused it enough.  I stopped at the handicapped area and said I needed to go the rest of the way on a cart.  You see, Gate 18 was at the OPPOSITE end of the airport.

When we got there, it was wall to wall people.  That was when I really got a bad feeling.  The gate we were supposed to be in was not to Los Angeles but to Orange County.  The next one was to Washington.

To cut to the chase - our plane was over an hour late.  Normally that would be just a minor irritation.  In this case - a disaster.  We wouldn't make out connecting flight to Hilo.  Apparently, we were not the only ones on the flight to LA because they told us to go to customer service (and that is most definitely an oxymoron),

G trudged off to Customer (dis)Service.  We were told we (1) would be put up in a hotel if we missed our connection and fly our the next day, or (2) we could fly to LA, change planes and fly to San Francisco, then change planes and fly to Honolulu, and then change planes and fly to Hilo.  We save our pennies and fly first class because we don't fit into the 18 inch seats in coach.  Yes, it is horribly expensive, but we simply don't fly often (wonder why).  We would not have our first class seats with any of the choices offered.

SO - we cancelled the flight.  Getting our checked luggage back took another two hours.  Son in law came back and brought us home.

What a nightmare that was.  I was a little relieved I have to admit.  I don't know what the rest of the trip would have had in store for us.  It could have gotten so much better, or this could have just been the beginning.  Who knows, but I am in the comfort of my own home, sleeping in my own bed!