Monday, August 18, 2014

Blinded by the light

Not really, just seemed appropriate since I have just returned from one of the many appointments with the various physicians in my stable who keep this body going!  This one was the regular eye doctor, as opposed to the retinal doctor whom I see once a month.

I guess blinded by the light is a little appropriate for two reasons.  One, she uses that awful bright spotlight at the end of the session to look at the retina, and two, I had to have my eyes dilated.  I am always "blinded by the light" for quite a while!

Tomorrow is the long awaited appointment with Dr Poison.We will see where I stand with the Ca25.27 levels.  Come on chant with me "lower, lower, lower!"  Since I am getting so good at complaining, I am going to complain about the pains in that side of my torso.  I really think it is all the scar tissues that are there from the mastectomy and reconstruction.  But it hurts, and I am really tired of pain!

As I am writing this, I was supposed to be back at the cardio doc for the reading from the Holter monitor to check for the irregular heartbeats other docs have picked up.  The monitor was supposed to be shipped to me, and it never came.  So Friday I changed that appointment since there was nothing to read,  AND since we will be leaving Thursday, I am not going to call the  office to tell  them it never came.  I will wait until our return.  Besides I really am not looking to wearing one of those with its five leads for 24 hours. 

Today's appointment was for 8 am, and of course since rt was Sunday night, I couldn't fall asleep.  This is a strange phenomen that occurs most Sunday nights.  I don't sleep in on Sunday - in fact we are up earlier than usual for church.  I don't nap - usually I am cooking on Sunday afternoons.  And we didn't have family dinner (I was sick of cooking on Sunday afternoon - Brian and Christina had just spend a week at the beach, and Krissi and Steve didn't step up to the plate!).  But I couldn't sleep.  I had to be up at 6:30.  That smacked way too much of my teaching days!  Plus since the offie didn't call to remind me as usual, I was hoping I really did have an appointment this morning. 

When I was making the next appointment, she asked if I wanted a Monday again.  Sure.  Did I want 8am again, uh no!  I will fight for parking and if I have to pay to park in the garage.  I don't understand why the old professional building has FREE valet parking, and this one required payment to park!  But my body is no longer on a 6 - 6:30 wake-up schedule.  Never in all my working life did I become a morning person.

So this afternoon - it is time for a pedicure!  Yeah!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh the sports!

Karrington just turned 7.  She has now been through two water polo practices.  Amazingly, she is still enjoying it.  Perhaps she has found what she wants to do.  For the longest time, I thought she would be the cheerleader for her older siblings.  Cheer was her passion.  I really don't know if she can hold the tears off long enough to play water polo.  She IS prone to crying - a lot.

Reagan is saying he likes football.  I said he is saying because after the first practice, I was not sure.  His dad is back from his trip, and they went to practice last night.  I think you can read between those lines.  I believe today they practice with full pads, and the temperature is going to be August normal for Southeast Texas.  Hot as a pepper, and humid as a steam room.  We will see!

I have been working on getting the old Dell laptop set up for being the computer for my embroidery designs. I have to remind myself that I have accumulated these designs over a seven year time period - at least.  AND I add some each and every day.  Finding ones I like that are free has become a passion.  Addictive personality and all.

I finally had all the designs loaded on it.  Now I have to open all those zip files of the downloads I haven't addressed in a couple of years, delete all the extensions that are not my machine type, and put them into the proper folder so that I can find them!  I STILL have a long, long way to go!

Tomorrow is going to be a very  early day.  Clyde goes west of here about an hour for a very important training session.  He is going through snake training.  He will be trained to recognize snakes by sight, sound and smell.  With all the durned rattle snakes at the SSB, this is crucial training.  He was supposed to be through this last October, but cold winter descended upon us early rendering the snakes too sluggish for training.

We will have to watch this training that entails a shock collar.  All his previous trainings haven' t been adversion training.  But when I think of what a snake bite would entail this is pretty simple.  So many folks up there have lost their animals.  Regardless of them living through it or not - if treatment is sought out, there is a big vet bill with it.  We never let him go without a leash because of all the cactus, but the one time he was close to a rattler, he was trying to sniff it.  Thankfully it was during cold weather and the snake was so lethargic.  It was stretch out against the concrete retaining wall to try to get some warmth.

So early to rise tomorrow!  Have a good one.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Delightful day

Yesterday was really a great day.  And now I will proceed to bore you with my great day.

It began with what wasn't so wonderful.  I had to go to the grocery store.  I have gotten to really dislike going to the grocery.  But it was either that, or I would have to go out to cut grass and harvest grape leaves for greenery!  But I went - without a smile.

On the way I stopped to send back the "old" new camera with the cracked LCD on the back.  As I read the fine print, I may not get the $71 for it.  Well - we'll see.  The guy at the post drop was so funny.  I told him I would have to buy some clear tape because I didn't have any to cover the shipping label.  He whipped out his tape dispenser and began to cover the top of the package with clear tape.  He moved toward the cash register.  I thought he was going to charge me for sending it.  My expression remained unchanged, but my mind was thinking - "he's going to charge me for tape AND shipping."  After a bit, he put the camera in the package, and with a twinkle in the eye just said thank you.  He was clearly playing with me.  Sweet man. 

At the store, the man in produce was working hard filling the lettuce part.  It looked so pretty - all fully stocked and neat.  I told him I hated to take any out of the display because it certainly did look so pretty.  Made a big hole.  These days we eat a lot of lettuce.  Well, G said I eat a lot of lettuce, and it's true.  When I make salads for lunch, I make large ones.

I laughed as I was making my way through the aisles making sure I was checking my list and coupons.  They came on with the announcement that in two minutes they would be giving away a product to those shopping right now.  It is something that isn't on the shelves.  Hurry over to the end of aisle 12 by the meats, there is only a certain amounts of the free item.  Blah, blah, blah.

No one around me changed direction to hurry over there.  No one seemed to be paying attention.  And I have heard this announcement before.  I was unmoved.  A little curious, but not enough to run over to the end of aisle 12 by the meats.

When it was time that I got there, those five women were listening to a spiel about a cleaning product.  Same thing I saw them demonstrating the last time I heard them do this "give away."

Got home.  Unpacked the groceries.  Heated the po'boys that a greatly loved sandwich shop in the Houston area puts in some grocery stores, and settled in for the afternoon that I was looking forward to.

G was going to be leaving in a bit to take Reagan to the movies.  I. HAD. THE. AFTERNOON. TO. MYSELF!  They were going to see "Masters of the Universe" or whatever that movie is.  While I had heard great things about it, it just isn't in my genre of movies.  And if that's the case, I see no reason to spend the big bucks on it.

He was going to take the girls, but Katie wasn't really interested.  I think she was still licking her "wounds" to her pride, and it was determined that there were too many "monsters" in the movie for Karrington.  So they stayed home and baked cupcakes.  So I didn't have to babysit them either.  Not that it would have been a problem - they are easy.

I wasted devoted my afternoon to perusing my Facebook groups.  I finally weaned myself from the games, but now I have about a million machine embroidery groups I follow.  Facebook, you dastardly thing!  You really pull in all of those of us with addiction tendencies.

Even dinner was easy.  When I put my great find of a pork shoulder that was big enough for family dinner and low priced into the freezer outside - I spied a container of Creole Shrimp.  DINNER!!  Rescued the rice maker that has been put away since Simone's passing, made some rice, and we had a great dinner.  Some bolos (bread) would have been great, but we still managed to force it down.  It was so, so good.

While G was gone, I found some lessons on the digitizer I have, and printed them off.  I like to think he is the one who uses all the ink in the cartridges.  Never let him know that I sometimes print off what is close to a book!

It was a great day!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Your kids watch

Even when you do things that you may regret, they watch and model after you.

Back many years ago, Krissi went out with a couple of boys we knew very well.  I wasn't happy about them going to a Country/Western dance place that did allow under-aged kids in along with the adults.  She had a curfew of about midnight.  I think that's right - may have been a little later.

There were a couple of reasons for that curfew.  One - nothing good happens after midnight.  Two I had to be up early to play early services at a church 30 miles from home.  I needed my sleep.  When my kids were out - I didn't sleep until they were home.  That's why I always liked having the "slumber parties" right here.  I didn't mind having bodies strewn over my den floor at all!

So she and the guys were out.  Her curfew time was approaching.  Then it was past.  This was  before the proliferation of cell phones.  In fact the huge bag phones were the ones that were out.  IF you were lucky, you had a brick phone. 

When she finally arrived, I grounded her.  She plead her case that she couldn't get the guys out early, then I think the truck was blocked.  I guess I was unreasonable - but the grounding stuck.

She still remembers that.  And I am sure she is still very bitter.  But those guys knew me well.  They should have known I meant business.  To rub salt in the wound for her, I think one of the guys kidded her about the grounding.

So where am I going?  Katie had a similar problem.  She went to Galveston with about six of her friends and one's parent. They were to be back here at noon.  (Ummmm - something about that 12 o'clock time).  I couldn't take the other two so Krissi could go to work because I was at the cardiodoc. 

Krissi was really angry.  Probably if Katie had not texted her mom at 2am telling her they were once again playing with the Ouige (spelling ??) board it wouldn't have been so bad, but she did.  Don't wake your mom from a dead sleep especially when you and your dad are out of town!!!

I don't know it Katie is grounded or not.  I know they "talked" about it.  I know that Krissi knows that it really wasn't all her fault - she can't direct an adult to get a move on to get home.  But every time Krissi talks about this - she remembers when ...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Musings for the day

Since I don't post comments to my own page, I am wondering if it's Blogger or the individual who has changed the way you post comments.  On a couple of pages, I have made at least two attempts to post a comment.  On one - I just gave up.  It may or may not be well known, but I do have two Gmail accounts.  If I am in the "wrong"one the signature on the comment is different.  Imagine that.

That in itself will cause a problem when trying to post a comment because I want to change it.  What is happening is that I write my comment, go to publish, I choose my account, then my comment is gone - vanished.  So if I am not commenting - sorry.  I guess I will have to see if my blog does the same thing to folks.


Went to the cardio doc.  Told him about my problems with other doctors telling me I had an irregular heart beat.  Even at the hospital when I had the colonoscopy.  I was afraid they wouldn't do the procedure, and after I had done the prep I would have been really upset.  So now I get to wear a Holter Monitor for a day.  At least when it gets here.  The one they had at the office didn't have any leads on it.  AND I get to go back next week for the results.  Couldn't they just mail them or phone me???  Parking there is a nightmare, and this appointment is for 11 am.  Uh, and AFTER my 8 am appointment with the opthalamologist.  My grand total of appointments for next week is standing at 3 right now.

I wanted to sign up for the Patient Portal they have.  There must be 14 million trying to do the same thing.  I would type in two letters for something and it would take one, if I were lucky.  Then I got completely dumped.  So I guess I will have to start over with another phone call for a "temporary" id number.  Geesh.


Really need to go to the grocery store.  We have no lettuce, tomato, or anything else for salads which we are now eating at lunch especially.  No fresh veggies which are becoming a huge part of our meals.  I just really don't want to venture out.  Been out once.  That should be enough.  I am a hermit after all.

So I will now take all my whining and try to adjust my attitude.  Have a great day.

Monday, August 11, 2014

All the news that is news today,

And gosh I am tired!

Guess who had Krissi's younger two.  Me!  They were great until almost lunch.  Then Karrington got bored and constantly asked when we were going to have lunch.  They thought, I'm sure, that I was going to take them out to lunch.

But grandma had other ideas.  I had frankfurters (I am making a real effort to use that term rather than wieners - because of the giggling from the peanut gallery) and buns.  So we would have hot dogs.  Then I asked what they wanted on their hot dogs.  The first answer was chili.  I didn't offer chili dogs!  Then it was ketchup and cheese.  Fortunately I had some ketchup.  I thought Reagan was out of having to eat ketchup.  The cheese was frozen.  But they got it.

They were good until the energy that kids have hit - in abundance.  Then they got really tired of all of  each other.  So the fighting began.  After I got that quelled, the running around began.  If Karrington had not had on such a cute (and expensive) dress - they would have been outside running. 

Finally mom got here and saved me!

I tried going back to the digitizer today.   I forgot how to do it.  Back to the drawing board.

My new, used (refurbished) camera arrived.  I really hate getting a new camera.  I hate putting that strap on it.  My manual dexterity has flown out the window.  I forget how it winds over itself and back.

But I really thought it hadn't been packed.  I was ready to take the one off the camera I am sending in.  But I found the new one.  Now if I can get it put on I will be a happy camper.

So another day.  Tomorrow early rising to get to the cardio doc.  Sweet man.  Waste of time.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The celebrations roll on and other musings

Yep - more celebrations last night.  Since the swimmers were in California for Karrington's and my birthdays, we gathered as a family last night to celebrate those two.  I used my birthday present from G and roasted two pork loins. I had a total of 8 pounds of meat in that cooker.  I decided to use the stream bake because I really wasn't sure how it would handle that much meat.  When you are cooking for 12 it takes a lot of food.  The roasts were done in about 90 minutes - just like a real oven.  AND it didn't heat up the house.  Of course, I foolishly allotted something like 2+ hours.  But there is a "buffet" mode which kept the roasts nicely warm, and the steam cooking meant they were moist.  Success.

Today is our 46th anniversary.  I swear there are times I wonder if we will make 47, and marvel that we made 46.  It certainly hasn't been smooth sailing.

Then tomorrow we will have another (contrived) celebration.  We will have had Clyde for one year.  He has settled in quite nicely, and he is really a good dog.  That's even with his new learned behavior that makes us believe he really must go out to relieve himself.  That's a chore on these days of the heat index being well over 100.  Needless to say, when he just sniffs the air, we become a bit perturbed with the little fella.

Today will be quite nice in that I don't have to clean house for "guests" nor do I have to prepare a meal for a crowd.  Possibly we will head over to Krissi's for dinner - or not.  G probably won't want to go.  He gets that way, and it seems all the programs we like on TV are on Sunday night.  With those like "True Blood" we can't share them with the grands.  In a way, I think I might like to stay home anyway.

Tomorrow I will watch Karrington and Reagan.  Katie is at the beach with some friends and one of the girl's parents.  They won't be home until Tuesday about noon, and Steve has to fly to Denver.  So I get them.  I was hoping G would take them to "Masters of the Universe" (or whatever it is).  But he's talking Tuesday or Wednesday.  We'll see.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.