Saturday, January 09, 2016

This and that

My mind is telling me to not write today.  But I am a hard headed German.  So here I go.  Some are just statement of fact and some are what I am feeling right now, and those feelings are not shared by all.

First - the crud still hangs on.  AND I have found that the greatly promoted Mucinex (or however that stuff is spelled) does nothing for me.  In fact, I think it made me worse.  Every 4 hours for two days, I religiously swallowed the vile stuff.  I never felt any relief, in fact, I felt somewhat worse (from what I could tell!).  So yesterday I stopped it.  I did feel better.  I don't know if this is just part of the crud running its course or I really benefitted from discontinuing the med.

Second - I consider myself a rather open minded person.  If I had to be labeled politically, I would honestly say I am an independent.  I don't like the concept of political parties.

What brought this up?  We have a web service around here called "Next Door."  It can serve a good purpose.  Ours had sort of degenerated into mostly lost/found dogs and cats.  This is rather tiresome, and with my animal rescue mindset, it also distresses me.  A lot!

Some yahoo decided he would stir the pot with something he deemed important.  He brought up the Primary Election.  Now, the voting demographics of our combined neighborhoods is well known.  Why he decided to list all the candidates on one questionnaire about who would vote for whom, I cannot understand.  But he did.  That post has become a cesspool.

Just the other day, someone suggested that we begin the new year with careful thinking about what and how we post.  That suggestion has completely been ignored.  And so many there are putting things in there (and not about the candidate, but other definitions of ideologies) that are completely incorrect.

This coupled with Facebook has made me want to leave the social media altogether.  I want to write "people - say what you want.  That is your Constitutional right.  But make it factual."  That would be directed to one person especially.  She and I have had a run-in (at her doing), and I have muted her.  But then I get curious and come to the computer to look at what she says.  She. Is. An. Idiot.  Today she blatantly stated confused two forms of government. To me, it made her look really stupid.  This woman is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  She comes across as such a sweet and caring person while in truth she is a vile, hateful person.  She will attack with little provocation.  She is caring only if you meet her stupid standards.  In other words, she is a complete hypocrite.  I am so sick of hypocrites.

Sorry for the rant.  Sometimes it just feels really good to let it out.  I should simply drop that neighborhood "rag sheet."  There are sometimes redeeming qualities about it though.  I just need to consider my action about it carefully.


Judy said...

I had a "friend" on FB like that. She not only wanted to argue with me in my comment section, but if someone agree with what I had posted, she argued with them. So--I deleted her totally and completely.

This "crud" you are dealing with is all over this area too. It is one nasty bug, for sure. I thought Mucinex was to get stuff out of your lungs? That's why Fred used it. Can you take a decongestant? I wish you'd call you doc. They have meds that help, not antibiotics, but anti-virals.


I'm with you on that mucus does nothing..hoping you are better soon.

Sally said...

I'm sorry you're sick, and hope you're much better very soon. So many things are going around. :(

No political talk on FB or my blog - I'm confused enough without reading every single blog/FB post. The blog, for me, is at times for
talking about things that are happening with the purpose of hopefully feeling better afterwards. FB, for me, is where I go to catch up with family and friends I don't get to see often or almost never anymore and I enjoy seeing pics of the children especially.

Take care of yourself!

MartiDIY said...

Sorry you have the crud. Maybe you'll start feeling better now. I'm not on nextdoor but I know what it is. I read their terms of service and privacy policy and decided I didn't want any part of it. Plus, whoever set up the "neighborhood" that I would be in made it way too big and I don't want to reveal any personal information to such a large group.