Sunday, January 03, 2016

I. Am. Sick

I try so hard to stay away from anyone with any kind of illness.  I especially try to stay away from those with colds.  I hate colds.  I become a sniveling pile of protoplasm when I get a cold.

When we got here Monday, I knew my throat was telling me that it wasn't right.  When I get a cold or allergies, my pharynx right where the nasal passages join gets sore.  Well - it was tingling a little.

This went on for a couple days. That is until Friday.  Then it hit with a vengeance.  My nose vacillates from being completely occluded to running like a garden hose.  Yesterday I woke with a throat so sore I couldn't swallow even liquids easily.  During the night, I pulled the CPAP off after only about three hours because I couldn't breathe.  I have trouble with the stream of air causing my nose to stop up as it is, but coupled with a cold was extreme.

Yesterday I was really absolutely miserable.  I spend much of the day either under a blanket in the living room or in bed.  Last night it was almost each hour on the hour I woke with either a runny nose, a stopped up nose or a wracking cough.

Yep - I get a cold and I become a big cry baby.  I hope it is about to run its course.  I finally found a decongestant tablet (at least I am pretty sure that's what it is by the formulation on the pill packet), and it seems to be working.  I have one more for tomorrow, and then we will be back in civilization where I can find some real medicine that I need!

So I will take my sniveling self back to bed for a bit, take care of the laundry, and stop moaning to you!



oh allergies have been kicking my ass..but not as bad as you...tea and honey with lemon

Jeanette said...

I had two colds in a row at the end of November, beginning of December. After the second one I went over every inch of my house and desk at work with antibacterial wipes, threw away my toothbrush, am washing my hands a million times and started taking mega doses of vitamins C and D. I am all about preventative now! They are miserable. Hope you feel better soon!

Judy said...

I'm like you. I don't just get a cold, I get a COLD, rhino-virus, can't breathe, sinuses swelled to unbelieveable proportions. Knock on wood--I haven't had one for 5 years!!!! (Hope I didn't just jinx myself!)