Saturday, April 07, 2012


After taking the Gateway on the trip to Alpine, I realized that in my fervor to  make room on the 60 g hard drive that was almost full, I had deleted the internet abilities.   Plus I had bought this laptop several years ago because that one crashed.

I managed to get the Gateway back up, and it was functioning upstairs as a place to put my embroidery   designs, but I was getting really nervous about it.  The internet wasn't a bit deal, because when Comcast came out many years ago not (time absolutely flies these days! It seems like last week), the tech somehow changed something in the internet protocol and the desktop won't recognize the internet.  That means we have no router.  No router - no  internet upstairs!

So, in my infinite wisdom, I began my search for a reconditioned laptop for upstairs.  I looked, Googled, and was directed to the Toshiba site on Ebay.  There I found a really cute little computer for $215.  I looked at the hard drive and it was really big. The computer is SMALL - a 10 inch screen, but it seemed like things were good with it.  So, naturally I ordered it.

It came yesterday.  Cute as a button!  It has one problem.  It has no CD drive.  Did I pay attention when I found it?? Of course not.  I made the rash assumption (you know what they say about assumptions don't you) that ALL computers had CD drives.  Guess what.  It is not true.

Not only that, but the keyboard is tiny.  I like small keyboards - that's why I really prefer laptops to desktops.  But this one is tiny.  So it demanded I put in a password.  I used one I like.  I put it in twice, and it took it twice.  I gave it  my name for it.  No problem.  I won't forget it.  And if I did the prompt would remind me.

Problem - but you expected that didn't you.  Somehow, I was able to put the password in the same WRONG way twice in a row.  When I tried to go back in, I couldn't.  I kept at it, and somehow managed to hit the wrong keys - again - and got back in.  When I tried to change the password, I couldn't.  I could not hit the wrong combination of keys again.

At least I was able to open another account - that is not password protected.  I should be able to use the machine for the designation purpose anyway.  But I can't really make changes without that password.  I have tried and tried, but to no avail to hit those wrong keys again.

The issue of no CD drive - really not a problem.  It does have two USB ports.  I have an external read CD - just can't write to it, I have another external drive for back-ups, and I have a plethora of thumb drives.  And I can get more of those.

 I am just such a dweeb.  I was completely price driven, and too excited about a new toy.  I really was careless on both accounts.  I think I can work around the mistakes, and I really think if I take it to a repair place, I can get that password removed.  But ...  

Have a great Easter or Passover - whatever you do or believe.




my dad's famous words..
if it's too good to be is.

Cheyenne said...

Thanks for the Easter greetings. Right back at 'cha.

JuJu said...

Dang. I hate it when we prove to ourselves how human we are.

HAve you tried all forms of capitalization and all that jazz? Of course you have. For some reason, you were meant to have that computer. Something interesting is going to come of all this.