Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How time flies when you are having . . .

Yes, I am still here and alive. I just have been trying to dig out of the avalanche of paper work and computer woes. It seems that the papers around here have been multiplying at an alarming rate! I cannot believe how overwhelming all of that is.

Of course, you have to add Miss Active, Doodle Bug. She has decided that two hour naps are for babies, not big eight month olds. She is way too big for that baby stuff. A mere 30 minutes is quite enough for her to maintain her healthy life. Well, I have news for you kid, it’s about to do this 62-year-old in! You may find yourself in day care here soon.

In addition to no naps, she is about to crawl. Now I have done what I could to prevent that little developmental milestone from happening. I have definitely slowed down in the seven years since the first grandchild. Doodle Bug is best kept at arms’ length at the most. That means she and I reside on the sofa. Not much crawling happens there. Mother Nature will not be denied however, and she is really working hard on becoming mobile. Of course, she has thought she could walk right out of the womb. She is most frustrated that she cannot get up and walk away.

The cable internet connection is still down due to the fact that I would rather be beaten with the model for 24 hours straight rather than call customer service. How a connection can just suddenly stop connecting will always be a mystery to me. I haven’t even been in the same room with all that stuff in a long while. I certainly didn’t do anything to it, but I am going to have to be the one to fix it.

One of the columnists in the Swampland paper was talking about his DSL being down. At least I know I won’t be routed to India for customer service with Stupidcast, but I still will have to go through all the disconnecting and reconnecting of cables and the like. This is something that has to be done soon because G needs the internet to update the tax programs to do our taxes. Being on the telephone for an extended time is not something that mixes with Doodle Bug however!

I went to have my mammogram last week. I guess I will have to call the doctor to get the results since I haven’t heard anything yet. I would love to say no news is good news, but I am worried. The tech took an additional film and then asked if I had on deodorant. Of course, being the reasonable, sane person I am, I immediately began planning my next mastectomy. So I guess I will be reasonable and call the doctor!

It seems that every day I take an armload of paper work into the office and dump it on my desk. That is another reason I have not been in the same room with the modem and router. I would have to face that stuff. I guess if there is a possibility that they may have to send a repairman for the connection I am going to have to shovel a pathway to the equipment. Well, that have to be done for G too. I guess I’ll be in the office soon for a while. I better tie a rope around my waist so that I can be found as I spelunk that cave of unknown things.

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