Monday, February 04, 2008

We have once again returned from the little place in Far Out West Texas. The trip was packed full of exciting events. Well, I guess you have to lead my terribly exciting life to classify all this as exciting.

On the way, we stopped in the Alamo city to see my MIL. We told her we would call before we got to the independent living facility where she is now. She didn't answer the phone. That call was made about lunch time, so we thought she must be down eating. We called an hour later. There was no answer. G was a little more than upset. He thought she had forgotten we were coming and went off somewhere. That wasn't the case, she explained that he simply didn't allow the phone to ring enough times.

I spoke to little SIL Saturday. G's fear were well founded. MIL had a doctor's appointment sometime last week. Little SIL was going to take her. She forgot, got on the facility's van and went to the wrong doctor. When MIL related all this to us, she said T was coming back from Capitol City and just visited. She is not as with it as I thought.

Saturday afternoon, neighbor E was helping G tear out the front deck so that it can be replaced. E went home for lunch and our leasee for cattle came by to pay for the lease. That's when they saw the smoke.

That is a serious situation in Texas these days. Things are so dry now, and the spring and summer was full of rain. That means all the long grass has been dried out by the frosts and freezes. The winds are really high this year. Add a spark and you have a grass fire that can consume hundreds and hundreds of acres.

G decided to take the county road to see if he could find the source. He met E at the base of our adjoining hills, and they both went looking. I was there alone and the smoke was getting much worse. It was thick around the house. I really was about to call the fire department - which is 12 miles away in rocky dirt roads. It takes about 30 minutes just to travel that distance. The fire department is all volunteer. You can add all that up!

As it turned out, they found no fire. Thankfully!

On the family feud front, relations between BIL and Little SIL are not going well. She told us that she wants to stop leasing her land to him for cattle. That is one thing. The other is that there is no fence between them. Ah, I see the feud becoming really nasty. I think I'm glad we are not situated in the middle of this - both physically and emotionally. Our land is the furthest north - fenced off to boot.

Hope your weekend was a good one. Tomorrow I get Doodle Bug back. Her mom tells me she hasn't napped this weekend. She will either sleep all day, or I will be really fit to be tied tomorrow afternoon.

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