Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Yep, I'm being "one of them" today. Give me a break! What else do I do around here? I keep one of the little buggers. That's my life these days.

Lady Bug is seven, and we all know that being seven means losing one's teeth. She lost three over the course of last weekend. She has already lost the two in front on the lower jaw. She then lost the ones on either side of those. Suddenly she lost one of the front teeth. She looked like a jack-o-lantern! It was the funniest looking thing. My plans were to get a picture to post here (you lucky people), but her mother told me this morning that she has now lost the other front tooth.

Doodle Bug isn't feeling just perfect these days, and she is making my life miserable. She is so grumpy. At least she is in the habit of napping. This morning at 9:22 she pulled herself on me, put her head on my shoulder showing me she was ready for her morning nap. She is such a little old lady. She is a complete creature of habit and doesn't like it to be changed. I just wish she would do the afternoon naps again. I have high hopes for today since she did yesterday.

Monkey Boy is doing well in his PPCD class. It is under the Special Education umbrella. He was very speech delayed. His major problem now is potty training. He refuses to use the potty. I don't know why. He was at school, but even that has stopped now. He is 3 1/2. I guess (hope) he will be trained before kindergarten.

I wonder if any other kids in kindergarten have this problem. I don't think any in regular classes. I know in Special Ed. Heck, we had them in junior high. His future will be interesting - to say the least.

OK. I've gotten my fill of talking about grandchildren. Perhaps tomorrow I can find a more stimulating subject.

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