Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The skin of my neck

Today's visit to the radiation oncologist may literally save the skin on my neck ! My radiation treatment is coming to an end - finally, and it will change. One of the doctors came in to do additional artwork on my chest. I think that instead of the six positions that I have had the radiation treatment, there will be just one or two. The therapists attached a new device to the ray of death machine that looks like it will deliver radiation just to the place where my masectomy scar is. They attached a plastic box on the end. My chest has a large rectangle that is divided into two parts. I think that will help my neck and underarm. They will not be the direct target of the rays.

This is such good news. A patch of skin on the right side of my neck is angry red, and it is beginning to be really painful. I was telling G last night that I was finally glad the masectomy left numbness under my right arm. It is past angry red. It is purple! I have enough feeling to get the idea it would really be hurting if there were feeling.

At least the end is near! That is such good news!


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that your doctors aren't having you take a break to allow your skin some recovery time. Why is your neck getting the death ray? Is it because you had cells migrate?

Grandma K said...

I had three involved lynmph nodes out of the 28 they took. I think my neck is getting some of the radiation that is going to the subclavian lymph nodes. I didn't get the "new treatment" today, but they are not treating that area any more, so I should begin to heal in the neck and underarm areas.

The patients there have congealed into a rather cohesive group while we have been waiting. We all are not really enamored with the main radiation doctor. All we see of him is when he comes in - the rest of the visit, his back it to us and he is writing on his laptop. I have seen another physician in the practice who is an older Indian lady. She is very hands on, and had I really complained yesterday, she might have changed my treatment or prescribed something, but I am such a short timer - all I want to do now is get through!!!

Thanks for your concern and comment!

Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful experience with the Cancer Center attached to the hospital I went to (if you can call it wonderful). Upon your learning that you have cancer this center sets up an appointment for you, your surgeon, a medical oncologist and the radiation oncologist and you see them one after another to set up your treatment plan. They also have a nurse that follows you thru everything. My radiation oncologist was wonderful....very hands on and checked me and my skin every week. I had the same tech doing my zapping treatment so it was an easy in and out process. The waiting room was filled with reading material, a nurse to answer questions and to do skin checks, stuff to drink and a puzzle to pass the time. I know how you feel about just wanting to get this whole thing over, I did too. Have a wonderful long weekend.

Anonymous said...

The closer one gets to the end of the treatments the longer it seems to get..Once done that is it..I now go in for follow up check ups every three months..And taking Femara..Fridays check up all is good..I did go thru withdrawal from drugs and both therapies..I was tired all the time..I still have bouts of tiredness..But I am cancer free..But all is well for me and the same will hold true for you..I visit your web site to give you some insight and to take away the feel of loneness we sometimes feel..And it makes me feel good to!

Grandma K said...

I always appreciate comments - and especially from the "veteran" survivors! I am so glad you are a survivor, and your insight is always welcome. You do help when times seem dark. My fellow patients at the radiation clinic are great also. We have gotten to know one another on the level of co-suffers, and we help one another. One thing I have discovered on this journey is that there can never be too many people to lift one's spirits. Thank you so much. If I begin having problems with the Femara, I will write more about it and perhaps you can give your insight there also.