Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The countdown

After today's treatment, things will be on the down slope. Today marks treatment number 17. That means 16 more. Or at least I hope so. I was sent to the lab to donate more blood for a CBC yesterday. So was the older gentleman who gets his treatment before me. His wife told me he was in week six. I told her that was wonderful - they would be completed soon. She told me that they were told they had about 26 more treatments to go - another 5 weeks. Oh how I hope that is not me!

I am going to have to tell the doctor that I am noticing pain right now. It seems after a couple of treatments (after the weekend), the area feels really tight, and if I strain to much, it hurts! I hope that it normal. So far the real discoloration hasn't been too much. After the weekend rest and cortisone lotion, I was back to almost normal coloring. Not so much today. I am fairly red even though I do put the lotion on at night.

I'll have a longer break from it this weekend, It is SSB time, I find myself really looking forward to the break from treatments and the like as well as the slower pace of life up there. It's supposed to rain. That's ok. I plan to chill - even with the three grandchildren running around.

Oh, and I will be away from the weather people here who are absolutely beside themselves, We have a disturbance in the Gulf that will probably become (hold your breath) a TROPICAL STORM. And they are doing their dead level best to dry to turn the hurricane, Dean, into the Gulf and into Swampland. Oh my. By Tuesday I'm sure they will postiively be foaming at the mouth. I'll want to leave again!


LeeAnn said...

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing some pain issues. As far as your skin discoloration plan on being another color for awhile. I turned red, then sort of a tan color and I'm still tan and have that orange peel look (to say nothing of a crusty nipple) and it's been almost 6 months since I finished my radiation treatment. According to my medical oncologist this is normal. Of course we both now know that the word normal has many meanings! Keep your skin area moist with the lotion that you use, it does help. Have a nice weekend.

joared said...

I hope all is going as well with you as possible. Hopefully you won't have to have any more treatments than the ones for which you are currently scheduled.

Grandma K said...

I also hope I don't have more than what is scheduled. I haven't had the nerve to ask how many more there will be!

I also am finding that I really need to keep my skin moist. It really feels dry and too small for the area.

Thanks to both of you for dropping by and commenting!