Friday, July 13, 2007

This little piggy . . .

Even though my toe looked so nasty yesterday, I bravely bandaged it. I was going to get to go out for lunch. I had to get my priorities straight, didn’t I? Why yes!

After lunch, I came back home to rest a little and complete my shopping list to go to the grocery store. That was a task I could have gladly put off until today, but G was going to take cinnamon rolls to work (that is another entire story - I’m tired of providing those folks with food - they eat more than any working group I know of).

I used to have a lot of open toe shoes, but now I have one pair. They are not particularly comfortable and are a short platform shoe, but I do not want to buy another pair of new shoes right now. I started to go to get a pair of Mushr*oms with no toe, but I really won’t need them. The shoe pulled on the bandage quite a bit, so I rushed through the store more than I should have. Read I didn’t get everything I wanted because I didn’t put it on the list thinking I could remember it.

I was very apprehensive when I got home. I was thinking the bandage would, once again, be stuck. To my joy, it wasn’t. It still looked nasty, but I got the bandage off.
After the soaking, it really looked good. Even the peroxide didn’t bubble up. Yeah! The toe may make it through this.

K called last night. She is having some contractions, but they are apparently not the real thing even though they can be quite severe. Perhaps we might have a baby this weekend.
Another day has passed - no call from radiation oncology. At this rate I won’t be finished by Labor Day!


LeeAnn said...

Glad to hear your toe is doing better. Have you found out why your treatments are being delayed? Will they even give you a hint as to when you can start? I did have to wait about a month between my surgery and radiation, maybe you are required to have a rest period between your chemo and radiation.

Grandma K said...

I haven't called them again - yet. I have been way too passive, but part of that is my daughter's impending delivery which is now scheduled for next Friday. I am going to call again to ask for a possible time frame. I have to admit that this waiting is about to make me say to heck with it - I don't need this. I guess we'll see after I call next week. Thanks for your support!