Friday, July 20, 2007

Catching up

Things have been rather harried around here of late. My arthritis has just about made me bed ridden, but there were the appointments some of which I had made months ago. So I was out of the house for these appointments.

I went to my cardio guy on Tuesday. I told him that Dr. Poison, my oncologist, remarks on a heart murmur every time I see him. Dr Cardio said he had never noticed, and he listened again. He still couldn’t hear it, so I got scheduled for an echocardiogram.

He was pleased with my blood pressure as well as the cholesterol. But now my blood sugar is high. Oh great - what next? He said if he was still high in January he would send me to an Endocrinologist. I can hardly wait. Just what I need. More doctors, more meds.

I called the Radiation Oncology people again. I will swear that I was forgotten! The person answering the phone said she would have someone call me back. I am set for Monday. I find that interesting. As I said, I really believe I fell through the cracks.

Yesterday I got to have my port flushed. I was quite nervous since neither Darellynn nor Kay were there. It was someone new. She had never accessed my port. I could just see her poking around until I screamed, but she listened to me and was great! She is good!

I then went upstairs to give yet another gallon of blood to be tested for my appointment with Dr Poison next week.
The afternoon was set aside for the echo. I guess I’ll hear about that next week.

Right now I am waiting to go to the hospital to be with my daughter. She is to be induced today. That has already gotten "screwed up" because they have had a baby boom. Her OB wanted her there at 5 because this is his "early day." She was told to go back home, eat a light breakfast and return at 9. Now she has been told to come back between 11 and noon. Now I know why my surgeon didn’t want to do my lympectomy then mastectomy at that hospital. Unfortunately, the new, wonderful hospital doesn't have an OB service.

And of course, Swampland is being drowned again this week. It has continued to rain daily, and today is the worst of all. It is a real toad strangler, and is supposed to stay that way all day.

Have a great weekend. I hope to be back here Monday afternoon with a report on my first radiation!


LeeAnn said...

Glad you finally have your radiation appointments set up. The first time takes the longest because they have to get you in the right position, take some xrays shots (just to make sure everything is ok, you might be there for about an hour. The acual zapping is seconds and the machine I had made noise while I was being radiated....don't bother to count how long it's taking because it sort of changes over time. I believe I was zapped three times (how soon we forget), twice on one side and once on the other. The first few weeks there are no side effects but then it starts....getting tired, the redness and possible skin irratation. Make sure you keep your breast area lotioned up and they should be giving you the cream/ointment for that....if not ask for it. I was told that I could not wear a bra because the underneath of my breast would become painful and had to switch to a sports bra or a undershirt. I had to wear my sports bra for about a month after my treatments were complete. You might not have any trouble at all...I hope so. Good luck and happy new grandbaby.

Grandma K said...

I have had all the measurements and x-rays,and even got tattooed with the places they will use to align me. I still am a little apprehensive about the whole thing - and that is an understatement! I've read about the cream. They even recommended cortisone cream. I think I will double check that. They also said to wear sports bras which I have already switched to. They are so comfortable anyway. Thanks again Lee Ann!