Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dashed hopes

Yesterday was a real experience. I had my usual check up with Dr Poison. It was at 10:30 instead of my usual 9 to 9:30 appointment. They all tried their best, but 10:30 was it.

G had decided he wanted to go with me to this appointment, but when the doctor was with us, I was wondering why since he asked no questions nor added anything with the exception of what the results of my tumor marker in the blood work was. Well, ok. He was there.

My hopes and dreams were smashed when we began planning the future of my treatment. I do have to have radiation. I have seven weeks of radiation. Monday through Friday radiation. No weekend trips radiation.

The oncology office was much more confused than usual. The doctor told us to wait. When the nurse came, she said we could leave, but we didn’t have the prescription nor the orders for the radiation.

We ended up waiting back in the waiting room, and finally got everything we needed in addition to an escort to the radiation lab. I wasn’t expecting to go over there then. I thought an appointment would be set up, and then I would go.

We sat in that waiting room for a while. A nurse came to get me, and we went to get checked in. That meant weight (ugh), temp, and blood pressure again within two hours. Oh well.

She left for a few minutes, then came back advising us to go to lunch because Dr Glowing was in a meeting. OK. We would do that.

We headed to the door, but G (with the micro bladder) had to stop at the restroom. While I was waiting, I was snagged by another clerk who wanted to "register" me. We weren’t free yet.
We called K because I was supposed to watch Lady Bug for a while. That wasn’t going to happen, but we met for lunch anyway. During lunch, I filled her in.

We went back to the radiation department to meet with Dr Glowing. That was another 45 minutes. He put his laptop on the exam table and turned to face us. The computer began to beep and gurgle. I could just imagine he was playing a video game!

After a few questions, he gave me a robe and said he would be back to examine me. When he came back, it was mostly the usual exam, but he played connect the dots on my chest. Then he announced the "girls" (I’ll bet if they knew that they would be pissed!) would take me for the measurements and schedule a PET scan for today.

I didn’t know what to expect. After several of what I think were x-rays, I got tattooed and was allowed to get dressed. Then they set the PET. Normally PETS are not done on Wednesday. Humm. That was my first clue.

I’ll continue with today’s fun tomorrow. Lady Bug is here and wants to play a game on this computer since the desk top, Della, is still a little off kilter.

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