Friday, December 16, 2005

The weekend adventure

This weekend should prove to be very interesting. Simone gets to go to The Little Place in West Texas. It is a long trip from here - some five hours. Thankfully she does appear to like riding in the car.
We are supposed to go to the Community Club Christmas Party tonight. I just am not sure about leaving her alone. It’s a case of getting to the house, taking things out of the truck, and going to the party. Simone has never seen that house. I’m not sure what she will do.
Here at home, she is getting very adjusted. Today was trash day. We have back door pick up. When she heard the trash cans rattle, she was very interested. She then did something she has never done - she barked. The only time I have heard her is when she was sleeping and having a dream.
I had to go out again this afternoon. She hid the handset to the phone AND the tv remote. The handset was fairly easily found. The remote was in her crate. Oh, my - we are in for some interesting times. G said we will have to start putting things up more. Well, if I put the remote up somewhere, Sasha, B’s cat that I am fostering, will knock it down.
Sasha loves to watch things commit "assisted" suicides. She will tap them until they fall off the surface they are resting on. We are trained to put glasses away - especially since most of my house has tile floors. I think she loves the sound of glass shattering.
I think Simone keeps Sasha fairly honest though. Simone is cat friendly, but Sasha seems to push the envelop. She is always around. Sebastian is smarted than that. He has always been the black ghost cat, but it is even worst now, but Sasha is constantly running around in front of Simone.
The only thing that beats having children is having "fuzzy" children.

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