Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Things have been jumping around here for the last week. The first thing was that I filled out an application to adopt a rescue boxer. We lost our boxer about four years ago, and I wanted another. We had two other dogs at the time, and at their ages it was not prudent to try to bring another dog into the home. Sam, the last one, died in July, and I felt it was the right time to put in my application. When I was checking the web site, I found a new boxer that would probably fit out needs. She liked cats and kids. Well, ok then.

After several attempts to get the application submitted (the first email address was incorrect) I got a response stating that a volunteer would be calling me. She did, and we set the home visit. I felt almost like a was trying to adopt a child! When the volunteer came, she had a beautiful flashy brindle female. She was so incredibly sweet. She is a real people dog. She obviously had not been given the attention she so wanted. She also was probably used as a "puppy mill." It is obvious she has delivered many litters of pups. But she won my heart.

Friday morning early, G was awake and moving about. I was awake wondering what was wrong with him when he told me to either call the ambulance or take him to the hospital. He was having chest pains. That will get your blood moving. I was set to take him. I had the car warming up since it was one of our unusual cold snaps, and he had complained he couldn't ever get warm at work on Thursday.

He said that the pain was worse. I called the ambulance. They got here after what seemed like an hour, but I know the response time was actually good. We are a volunteer service, so they had to get up and get to the station. G was a paramedic with them some years back. After their assessment, we all arrived at the hospital an hour later.

He spent the day there getting treated like a pin cushion. He had an emergency stress test, Fortunately all was normal as far as the heart was concerned. Now he just has to heal the bruises from the needle sticks!

We were supposed to go to Little Hill Country Place. Obviously that was out. I had told the boxer volunteer that we would be gone, but would like to look at dogs the next weekend. When I called and explained our plans had drastically changed, she said there was no problem to come on Saturday.

We got to her house. She let Simone out of the crate and into the back yard - which is the way she does the dogs. G fell in love with her too. When Simone came into the house, she was all over G. We paid our fee and brought her home. As I was leaving I told the volunteer she knew what she was doing when she brought Simone to the home visit. She said she did!

She has fit into our routine like she has always been here. I feel really bad though because normally I am here all day. Sunday was church. Then my son and his band were part of a benefit concert for Toys For Tots. We had to go there -well we really wanted to, and it meant so much to B.

Yesterday Lady Bug was sick and K asked me to come watch her for an hour. I should have known one hour equals two. The reason I am beating my self up is because I believe Simone may have opened her stitches from her recent spaying. I have to go out and get her things - a collar, sweater, etc. She will be alone for a while again.

We are really happy to have her. She is a really good companion. She is beginning to settle in, and is not as needy as she was. I feel really good to have given a home to a worthy boxer who didn't have one.

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