Friday, January 04, 2019

It was COLD

We did spend the last week in South Texas - South Padre Island on a family vacation.  It. Was. Cold.  South Texas is supposed to be warm - it wasn't.

Now I know to many the temps were not bad - they were spring/fall like, but when you go to the beach in South Texas - it is supposed to be warm.

But the house we rented was warm and cozy, and we had a great time.  I am in the process of gathering the photos we took to make into "books" for the family.

We are marking a new chapter in our family life.  We are not adding out additional children (the in-laws), we are not adding new children, we are beginning to see those children (the grandchildren) leave the nest.  Katie will, as I have said before, be leaving us in September for Marist College in New York.  That's a LONG way.  So we celebrated this change.

It all went very well.  Here is the first installment of pictures from this trip. As you can see by our outerwear - it was really chilly.  The winds from the Gulf didn't help things one little bit.

This was the only time we went "out" for something to eat.  It was a brewery on the island - with pretty good food as well!
The family (minus us old people) at midnight on New Year's Eve.  Not a good picture, but it was foggy and COLD


Judy said...

Family vacations. I probably would want to come home the first night. 4 hours is about all I can stand of all the noise and movement.

Marti said...

I'm sorry it was cold there. Bummer. And it's probably warm and perfect right now. Looks like you are all having a good time though, and that's what is most important.

Grandma K said...

Judy = fortunately we all get along well. We usually have Sunday night dinner every week unless there is some real conflict like someone (usually us) is out of town or like this week, school begins again tomorrow and all the kids are not on schedule!! Like Katie has to be up by 5 to get to the Natatorium by 6ish (to get in frigid water because here in the "sunny south" we don't heat our indoor pools. Can't think of anything in this world worse than cold water at that time of the morning.

Marti - it was a great experience. With my disabling arthritis, I DID have trouble with the long spiral staircase in the house. The kitchen, living area, one bedroom (which we took) and bath were all on the second floor. I was pretty much a hermit up there. That's one reason I wasn't in the picture on the beach (other than it was cold, wet, and I don't care for fireworks that much and no where to SIT!). Downstairs were a bath, and two bedrooms along with the garage which was really a play room. I will be posting more pictures of the house area as I go along. It was a really nice (and cozy) place!