Monday, October 17, 2016

Glad I am retired

The best thing about being retired is that every day is a holiday or Sunday.  That's good because Sundays are my busiest day it seems!

Yesterday began with church.  That is the norm again after a time when we didn't go regularly.

After church, G suggested we stop for lunch, which I wasn't really wanting to do.  I wanted to pick something up and head for home because I had to get Family Dinner started.  And, of course, church was late getting out.  I was on a tight schedule.  The crockpot time for the pork was 6 hours, and I was barely going to make it!

We got home, and I immediately got the two (!!) pork loins and the seasoning into the crockpot all the while relieved that they both fit into one pot.  I do two because two of the grandchildren are teens.  Katie, the swimmer/water polo player, eats everything that isn't nailed down.  She works it off in the pool.  Reagan is a typical teen boy, but he could cut down a little on the groceries because he is not active.  I will never say that to anyone else - I could skip some groceries myself!

I had gotten a big amount of fresh green beans at the grocery store, and I put them in the second crockpot (so glad I kept it).  The reason for the crockpot cookery is that we were going to a local symphony!

I got the salad together, the rolls out of the freezer and everything set out in case we were late coming back -and the kids could just get the things together for the final dinner.

We went to the symphony.  It was delicious!  That may be a strange description, but it has been SO long since I have been to a live symphony program.  The program featured a well-known violinist.  He was so great.  His performance gave me chills and moved me to tears ar some points.  It was such a wonderful experience.

We left at intermission so we would make it home on time, and wouldn't you know it - all the kids were LATE!  Oh, well.

The teens hit the food the minute they walked in.  Then slowly everyone else made their plates.  I was the last to eat, and there was about 1/4 cup of beans left!  I can't believe they were consumed like that.  I would have thought they would have fed 20 rather than 10 (really 7 because I had not eaten, William (8) and Delaney (6) also had not eaten).  There was plenty of pork and salad, but the beans were gone!

Unfortunately, I had to use my teacher's voice.  I try to not use that anymore, but when you use it for 29 years, it is still in the background.  The youngest two boys (8 and 5) were getting way to boisterous (apt term!).  I asked them to stop throwing a shoe at each other once - in a normal tone.  When they kept it up, nearly knocking over the lamp and did a glass, that's when teacher Karen came out.  I know William (the 8) doesn't really like me because I am not the sweet NieNie (his other grand) who will let him pretty much get away with anything.  Well - I am not that person.  When he reaches the limit - which doesn't seem to be within him because the other maternal grands (divorce there) also let him run wild.  I am the veteran of three others that I kept as babies.  They know there are rules of behavior, and I have warmed the butts of at least two of them.

I really hate to be the one who disciplines.  Will I do it again?  In. A. Heartbeat,  It is like with my own kids - I am not your friend, you have plenty of those.  Even as a grandparent, I feel that I am also somewhat responsible for teaching them.



you did right..I don't have a school teachers voice..but I have a deep voice and when Im stern it really shuts them down.

Sally said...

When ours are here, I do get onto them especially when they're in the house, and the mom & grandma are sitting outside. It doesn't happen often; they getting the ages they mind pretty well; 10, 5 and 3.

So nice that you enjoyed the symphony!

You talking about the green beans running low, reminds me of when our family was larger and Sunday dinner at Mom's house. I'd be frying cornbread, which we all love, and I never could cook it fast enough with the adults reaching for a piece about the time I'd put it the platter.


Jeanette said...

At that age they should know to stop when told the first time so yes, you did right! Just because you are the grandparent doesn't mean you have to let them be destructive!