Monday, November 23, 2015

Technology - snicker

We are here at the SSB for Thanksgiving - as usual.  I think I have mentioned that we are at the end of the earth.  Well - we are in a place that GPS doesn't want to recognize our location!

When I have a service person out - they usually end up calling to tell us they are lost. 

I decided that I wanted to upgrade our satellite TV service.  Our receiver is 13 years old, and it does have features I love, but I want to be able to record shows too.  And I wanted a second receiver.  Since there is a wireless one now, perfect.  I don't have to drill more holes in the house (and make new entrance places for vermin and dust).

The poor guy ended up in town.  That's 35 miles away. 

I gave directions.  He called again.  Gave more directions (felt like I was teaching again - you know, give directions for the activity, then give them again, and again ...).  To cut to the chase, he passed our place after getting out here.  He ended up down the private road at the hunting ranch owned by a distant cousin.

He did finally make it, but geesh!  I always hold my breath when I have a service person come out.  Even our heating/cooling people - if it is a new guy he can't find us. 

We have had to actually go out to  meet people and lead them to us.  And that is funny in a way because there are four houses around here.  It's not like we are really at the end of the earth, or are we?



I always give directions because if you are coming to the apts on gps it always sends them to the Auction Barn across I-35..

Judy said...

I give directions using both compass words and left-right words. "When you see the blinking yellow light, turn south, which is to your left................"

Jeanette said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!