Saturday, August 01, 2015

Still kicking

But still have the lousy internet.  That makes it difficult to do things.  One computer doesn't but up with it at all, and that is the one that is best set up for typing.  So that's one reason I haven't been here.  This computer will delete everything if I am not careful.

Plus - I consider myself a middle of the roader.  I have been reading some blogs that infuriate me, so I  have just not been rthe blogosphere  much.  Hypocritical and narrow minded people have gotten to me, so I have just stayed away..

I will try to get back.  I need a new mind set and get away from some of the bloggers about.  There are several blogs I really like, but I am finding myself on Facebook much more of the time.


Sally said...

Well I, for one, very happy to see you today! You've been missed.

I do understand what you're saying about some of the blogs, and I'm staying away also. I do enjoy FB as a way to learn about family members and friends I can't see very often.

Thanks, Karen, for catching up with us even if only occasionally. :)


Judy said...

I have missed reading your posts!
Have you been to the SSB?
How are the kids and the grands?

MartiDIY said...

Life is too short to put up with annoying stuff. Glad to see you back though. I wish I could enjoy facebook the way many do, but I just find it so frustrating.