Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ortho - Part 2

The verdict is in. As if there were any question about it. The MRI shows a tear. Surgery is indicated as the way to end the pain. The results are up to me after it. Depends on how hard I am willing to work. He wants to schedule it for late January or Early Februrary.

There never seems to be a good time for these things. Late February or early March is the time the new grandchild will present itself. I really don't want to be laid up then. If I wait too long, the muscle will pull away and stiffen. Then reconstruction won't be as successful.

I really don't want another surgery. I managed to live my life for 60 years with only one surgery. That one was due to a car accident where I was ejected, dragged, and broke my ankle. Now I've had five in two years. Yuck!

Welcome to my pity party. I should just suck it up. The real cause of the problem is age. The doctor said that as people age, the incidence of rotator cuff tears goes up with the age. He said by the 80's, most people have some tear even if they are asymptomatic.

Well, I have to let this digest a little more.



Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that your body is crapping out on you. HA HA HA....I'm at the same point where I keep wondering which part is going to give out this birthday. Although I don't have a torn anything my eye sight just keeps getting worse and soon I will have to wear glasses for everything or maybe I'll just keep driving without giving a crap about what those signs say!

Go get it taken care of. You'll feel better and the sooner you do it the better you'll be.


Grandma K said...

Oh LeeAnn, just wait!! You think things won't/just can't get any worse, and then . . . .

Those signs aren't important anyway!