Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I simply cannot believe how long it has been since I was here. I just seem to be moving in slow motion. My question is who put the world in fast forward in this span of time?

We took a trip to the SSB a couple of weeks ago. It was off our usual schedule because it was, of all things in the German-American culture, a family reunion. This one is always special to me because one of the distant cousins in into genealogy. We usually compare notes. So that makes it a little more exciting.

I made my appointments with two plastic surgeons. The first one was in the Medical Center. He is associated with one of the medical schools. The area is bad enough to get to since it is about 40 miles away, but the time was 8:30 am. With Swampland's traffic, that morphed itself into an hour and a half drive with heavy traffic all the way. He had a heavy accent, and according to my daughter, a lousy bedside manner.

Three days later I was scheduled with another surgeon. He had been with the clinic at the same med school, but had gone into private practice. He has an office in my neck of the woods, but he never comes here. We went to Master Planned Community of the North.

He was good. He was very personable. He explained everything - a lot. He wanted to be sure I understood everything. I told K that was to stop lawsuits. But he's the one I am going with. Now I
just have to schedule the time and place.

Doodle Bug's days with me are now numbered. I wanted to keep her until she was at least a year, but she is going to have to be with someone else. K looked into the day care that Monkey Boy attends. His fee is $175/week. Hers will be $250/week. No wonder people are looking at one of the parents staying home with the children. But I also know you really do get what you pay for. If the staff is paid a reasonable wage so the day care can get the best - it's going to cost.

Doodle Bug is napping, but I don't know for how much longer. I better get to other things I need to do. It may really be time for her to go anyway, you know? Plus I may lose my wifi hookup with my neighbor's internet soon.

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